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“This Is Not a Game” by CFO Magazine

I happened to stumble across a superb article over at CFO Magazine. Many prominent Sports Agents took part in making 4-page piece possible. It is from the current, January 2006 Issue, and is definitely worth taking a look at. (btw: Anna’s picture was not only placed on this thread for eye-candy…but also because her contract […]

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Want to be an MLB agent? (Part I…of many)

The sport that I am most interested in is baseball, but I do love all sports (except for hockey…which is more like a bloodbath with a puck that shuffles around on ice…I kid). Anyway, I figure that I will tackle the important aspects of the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) today and leave the […]

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Race in the Sports Agent world

Since Martin Luther King, Jr. day is right around the corner, I dug up an article from on Feb. 28th of last year that deals with race in the Sports Agent world. Agents of change see slow progress in sports I find it interesting that the big Sports Agencies (IMG, ProServ, Octagon, etc.) still […]

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A snippet from the great article by The Hardball Times

Question: If someone were looking to become and agent, or look to work on management’s side of the table, what are the key things they should focus on? Should they focus on contract law? Going over the Uniform Player Contract, what have you? Smith: I frankly don’t think it’s that much of a legal exercise. […]

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Sweet move Hardball Times!

Thanks to Compson Snopes for linking me to this two-part article on agents in the Hardball Times: Looks like there’s some good stuff in those articles. I will take a look at them later and may make some comments on them in this blog. [tags]Sports agents, baseball, hardball times[/tags]

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Should a Sports Agent go to Law School?

One of the readers of this blog posed an excellent question in an e-mail. It is a question that there is no definite answer to, but one in which I have wanted to tackle for a while now. The question is: I’ve been going over some things recently (plus I’m taking some business classes right […]

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New high MLB signing bonus

#1 pick of the 2005 MLB Draft, Justin Upton, has just obtained the largest 1st signing bonus in the history of baseball. He will receive $6.1 million over 5 years (that is just the signing bonus). His agent is Larry Reynolds, brother of Harold Reynolds. More about this may be read here [tags]upton, baseball, mlb, […]

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The Reggie Bush Sweepstakes

So the Houston Texans officially won…by losing A LOT! The top 7 picks of the 2006 NFL Draft will be in this order: 1. Houston Texans (2-14) 2. New Orleans Saints (3-13) 3. Tennessee Titans (4-12) 4. New York Jets (4-12) 5. Green Bay Packers (4-12) 6. Oakland Raiders (4-12) 7. San Fransisco 49ers (4-12)…boy […]

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Chalk One up for the Gators 31-24

Outback Bowl win this year…National Championship next year…you heard it here first! With some of the top recruits in the nation (see: Tim Tebow, Percy Harvin, Carl Johnson) coming to UF next year and the current #1 Recruiting class in the nation, you have to think that the Gainesville, Fl. campus will be swamped (oh, […]

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Next Question!

What would a Sports Agent blog be without discussion on the current (whether it’s good for the business of sports or not) poster-boy of the Sports Agent world, Drew Rosenhaus? In his last Press Conference (notice that we actually have not seen him in a while), he barely answered any questions from the press straight-forward, […]