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Agent Spotlight: Glenn Toby

Stylish, business, and philanthropicThe National Urban league hands out the Leadership Achievement Award each year during its annual conference in Atlanta, GA. This year, it gave the award to Glenn Toby, Sports Agent & CEO of Total Entertainment Athlete Management and Infinite Sports Concepts. He runs an organization called The Book Bank Foundation, which helps to improve literacy among those with trouble. He also gives a lot to the homeless community and was once homeless as a child himself.

Glenn Toby represents over 30 players in the NFL including Asante Samuels, Josh Evans, Damien Robinson, and Chester Taylor. He also has strong personal relationships with music artists 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks.

Before becoming a Sports Agent, Toby was a rapper known as “Sweety G,” and performed with groups like Run DMC. He still delves into the music game and is the main backbone for new artist Saigon [YouTube Video on Saigon…may not be appropriate for children], who has been featured on HBO’s Entourage many times.

This man is making it big in a variety of different areas. He has definitely combined sports and entertainment in his ventures to create an amazing brand name: Glenn Toby. He has his companies, but above all, it is his name that promotes the image of success. Do not forget that Toby gives back to the community, and he does so from the bottom of his heart, not just for some good PR.

Update (09/03/06): Before I wrote this post, I read through other sources about Glenn Toby and the amazing things that he has done for his clients and community. Since creating the post, I have been contacted by Mr. Toby and from the e-mail, I can tell that he is truly a class act. I would like to thank him for providing me with extra material that I will post below for your viewing pleasure:

[YouTube Video: All About Glenn Toby – 6:13 Runtime]
[YouTube Video: The Book Bank Foundation – 5:32 Runtime]

I watched both videos, and each made me more impressed with the work that Glenn Toby has done to help out the community and has made me appreciate the amount of effort that Mr. Toby has had to put into making it where he is today.
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By Darren Heitner

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[…] Glenn Toby is one of my friends in this industry.  How could you not love the guy?  He showed up this past January at the 2009 UF Sports Law Symposium to support my effort in putting together the event, even though one of his best friends had just passed away.  He is a man of integrity, and his best work has not even been accomplished as an agent.  Instead, he should be most proud about his creation titled, The Book Bank Foundation.  Let me remind you of a post I wrote in honor of the 2008 Blog Action Day, which had a focus on poverty. We can follow the lead of Glenn Toby.  Glenn, himself, had to deal with poverty as a child.  He went from not knowing if he would have a comfortable place to sleep at night to becoming a sports and entertainment executive worth many millions.  He has represented LL Cool J, 50 Cent, and Asante Samuel among many other big name clients.  Still, with all of his success, he gives back to those who need money a lot more than he does.  Toby is doing his part to ensure that young disadvantaged children have more opportunities than he did growing up. […]

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