Sports Agent Yuki Saegusa seems to think so. The over-saturation of male athletes in most sports may create a climate that women figure skaters can take advantage of when it comes to finding endorsements.

Take for instance, Kimmie Meissner, who has multi-year endorsement deals with Subway, Visa, and Under Armour after winning the national figure skating title. The men’s winner of the title (Evan Lysacek) has a nice trophy, but little in the form of endorsements [Changing perceptions of skaters].

Figure skating obviously breaks the trend of endorsements in America, making the title of this post sound silly. But, it is interesting to note how in one particular sport, women dominate the scene. Also, this post should bring up a new area of interest for potential Sports Agents. Endorsement deals are made for figure skaters, which means substantial profits may be made by those who represent such athletes. There is no reason to discount representing talent in any sport, and if one has a lot of knowledge about a sport like figure skating, entry into the industry may be smoother due to less competition among agents.

Anyway, as the reports, America is still looking for its 1st modern male figure skating spokes-model. Anyone out there has an opportunity to sign a representation agreement contract with the next male figure skating star and promote his talents to major marketers. Keep an eye out for Evan Lysacek in particular.

[YouTube – Evan Lysacek 2007 US Nationals SP].

-Darren Heitner