Agent Spotlight: Don Yee

Don Yee woke up this morning and saw his name in a variety of papers with the quote, “Tom and his family are excited about the pregnancy, and want to thank everyone who has shown support, and particularly for their consideration of Tom’s privacy.” To the Sports Agent world; however, Mr. Yee is more than just a spokesman for Tom’s expected child.

Don Yee graduated from the University of Virginia Law School in 1987 and has gone on to be a very successful agent (for more on UVA Law, check out a recent post: Virginia Law – No Longer A Virgin). He associates Charlottesville to Mars. While it may not have been Mars, it was very different than his undergrad school (UCLA).

Don Yee is one of the heads over at Yee & Dubin LLP, which is a talent agency that represents athletes, coaches, and broadcasters. It is located in Los Angeles, CA. Since 1995, Yee has represented Tom Brady, Ty Detmer, Aaron Taylor, Bryant Young, etc.

Don Yee is definitely a risk-taker. He is a first generation Asian-American in his family, and his mother cannot speak a word of English. Yee has been so radical to even back a no-draft system when the idea was floating around the NFL in 2002 [It’s time for a change].

Before Tom Brady’s recent child-related news story, I had never heard of Don Yee. Most likely, you had never heard of him either. It goes to show you that very few agents are glorified in this industry for what the public believes to be good qualities. Agents make the news when their clients mess up, or when they represent over 90 NFL players in any given season.

-Darren Heitner

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  • Adiv J. Hamilton

    To me it’s a testament to the character of Mr’s Yee and Dubin. Small enough to be personal, experienced enough to be able to negotiate effectively. Them and Dr. Charles Tucker are my heroes.

  • chad

    probably never heard of Yee cause coming out of college brady was a nobody so the rosenhaus’ of the world probably didnt even wanna touch brady with a stick

  • Kam

    Hi who is Dr. Charles Tucker in the sports agent industy? His name is mentioned in the comment made by Adiv.

  • kam

    who is dr. charles tucker?? good question, never heard of him before, darren?

  • Steve Smith’s (basketball) and I believe Mateen Cleeves’s former agent.

  • james tucker

    Briefl: Dr. Tucker was Ervin “Magic” Johnsons first agent and still good friend to this day…Also was Isaiah Thomas, Mark Acguire, Glen “Big Dog” Robinson, Steve Smith, Matten Cleaves, Sam Cassell, Andre Rison, Carl Banks, Lonnie Young, and quite a few more players for bothe the NBA and NFL…Hope this helps.

    kam: who is dr. charles tucker?? good question, never heard of him before, darren?


    • scoopin

      clearly none of you know the story….Tucker stole from Magic and Isaiah and almos bankrupted them both early in their career and was promptly fired. Still good friends today? Hardly. Cleaves fired him too, went with Mike Harrison instead, and Big Dog Robinson sued him for millions and took everything he owned, including his cars and houses. Dude has had a shady rep for years. Also, Ervin is spelled Earvin.

      • s. weber

        Where can I get more info on Dr. Tucker and the Big Dog Robinson law suit?

  • Piersonov

    Scoopin you have no idea what you are talking about.¬† I work with Dr. T. and Magic’s sister and someone gave you bad information.