What The Falk?

The guy famous for representing Michael Jordan may be coming back with a vengeance.

DraftExpress.com reports that former agent, David Falk, may be looking to get back into the game of representing athletes [2007 NBA Draft Early Entry List]. Falk made his name in the industry by representing some guy named Michael Jordan. He has not represented any draft picks since Elton Brand in 1999, but may be looking to return to the business based on a recent sighting with William Wesley, an influential powerbroker in the grassroots basketball industry.

There is talk that Falk may be working his magic to acquire some of Georgetown’s early entry stars. One thing for certain is that he will be representing Gary Neal of Towson. Ben Gordon may also be considering a switch to Falk. Gordon is friends with Michael Jordan, who may drop Gordon a line about his agent’s former successes.

-Darren Heitner

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  • Matthew Allinson

    This could be huge for Gary Neal, the LaSalle transfer (after rape allegations), who almost led the NCAA in scoring at Towson this year. I have had the opportunity to watch Neal on several occasions as a Baltimore native, but believe that although he is extremely talented, he is probably a second-round pick. However, with the mouthpiece and reputation of Falk behind him, he will most likely find see himself drafted as a late first-round pick.

  • Chris

    Recruiting hoops players an agent is much different than in football it seems. In football it is about selling yourself to the kid, his family, or college coach. In basketball it seems you have to sell yourself (and likely pay off) Worldwide Wes or other individuals like Mr. Tucker.

  • Jordan McNulty

    Great posts recently, Darren. Thanks. Neal is playing well in Portsmouth but no way is he a first-round pick. Can Falk really manipulate the draft like that? Wes isn’t getting the same cut from Rose now that CAA is involved. Huemann just left Fleisher for CAA – why? Lou Tucker uses Diddy to get kids. Gordon shouldn’t let Tucker capitalize on him again like he did when he first delivered him to Ceisler. Falk will probably end up with Thornton, Hibbert, Hawes and Durant (draw parallels to what he did for MJ). Conley, Jr. is entering the draft with Oden. Tellem signed Acie Law. Who is going to sign the other PGs in the draft? Recruiting in any sport is about much more than selling yourself (it usually involves some buying as well). Ask your Florida boys, who is Happy Walters? Don’t sleep on him. Thanks.

  • Shane Williams…Happy Walters…Immortal Sports Agency…

    Where are we going with this one?

  • Sorry for the typo. Meant to type “Shawne Williams”

  • Matthew Allinson

    Jordan, you are probably right. Although Falk is influential, Neal is probably still a second-round pick to undrafted. I guess I got a little carried away in predicting Falk’s influence.

  • Chris

    Happy Walters is working closely with Eugene Parker and Roosevelt Barnes, they’re co-representing Jon Abbate in the NFL Draft this year.

    I had heard, somewhere can’t remember now, but Durant was headed towards Bill Duffy…

  • Jordan McNulty

    Something is brewing with Happy down in the swampland as well I think. Henry Abbott just reported that Durant will likely sign with Goodwin. Did any of you hear the rumor about Goodwin having inappropriate relations (sexual in nature) with LeBron’s mother back in the days? Keep up the discussions – makes this site even better. Thanks.