MMA Is Becoming Part Of The Mix

If there are sports agents representing bowlers (cough, Dynasty, cough), then you better believe that there are agents representing ultimate fighters. The competition among UFC agents is definitely less than that of NFL agents, but as the sport continues to grow, the field will get larger and the barrier to entry will increase. Basically, now may be the time to get involved in that area of the industry, if that is what you are interested. As UFC continues to rise in appeal, other types of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) have gained relevance in a very short time span. Now agents can represent different fighting styles and make money in all areas.

Let’s first look at the latest development for the UFC. First Spike TV profited nicely from huge UFC ratings. The bigger networks were not going to sit by idly. Endeavor Talent Agency has aided the UFC expansion to current contract negotiations with HBO and ESPN [Violent sport making belated debut on film]. Spike TV will not lose their rights to televise many UFC bouts, however. Anyway, the UFC is probably worth more than $1 billion, so it is definitely something to keep your eyes on [Time Magazine Says UFC Worth Over Billion Dollars].

And on the other side of the same river lies newer and different forms of MMA. EliteXC is one of these new forms.  EliteXC is to the UFC as Showtime is to HBO. So it only makes sense that Showtime will be televising the first episode of a new EliteXC series on Friday, July 27 at 11 p.m [Showtime to Debut New Mixed Martial Arts SeriesShoXC: Elite Challenger Series]. The show will regularly air on Saturday nights and will give a new form of MMA much publicity as it becomes a more nationally recognized sport.

ESPN helped poker become huge. It also helps bowling remain a prominent sport among Americans. Can it also push the UFC to the next level with the help of HBO. Will Showtime aid MMA as well? Will sports agents capitalize on the future of professional fighting?

-Darren Heitner

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