Mike Danton Never Wanted To Kill His Agent

We have covered the Mike Danton/David Frost story quite extensively at SportsAgentBlog.com, but just in case you do not know the history behind their relationship, here is a quick rundown:

  • Mike Danton considered his agent, David Frost, as a father figure.
  • Danton was placed in jail for hiring a hitman to kill David Frost.
  • Frost was charged with 12 counts of sexual exploitation.
  • Frost was arrested for using Mike Danton’s credit card to pay a gas bill.
  • Frost was told to stay away from the Phoenix Coyotes training camp and Adam Keefe, who’s brother was once represented by Frost.
  • Danton’s attorney was charged with unauthorized practice of law.
  • Frost was cleared of  the sexual exploitation charges.
  • Prison officials described Danton as a “model inmate” and “an incredible asset.”

And now, Danton has been granted full parole, as SportsAgentBlog.com columnist Ryan Ballard expected.  But much more interesting than the news that Danton was granted full parole is what he admitted last week.  Danton intended to kill his father, not David Frost.  A weird twist of events would lead the hit man Danton hired to focus on Frost, though, which was never Danton’s objective.  Danton thought that the hit man would target Danton’s father instead.

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