Has Ed Davis Signed An Agent?

Coming out of Benedictine High School, Ed Davis was the talk of Virginia, a state known for its high level of basketball more than its production in any other sport.  Ed Davis played with the very popular Boo Williams AAU squad, and when the time came to pick the college that he would attend, Davis had no problem selecting the University of North Carolina.  UNC took Davis with open arms.  Scout.com rated Davis as a five-star recruit and placed him fourth at his position and fifteenth overall in his class (all positions considered).

In his Freshman season at UNC, Ed Davis had the honor of being part of a National Championship squad.  In his Sophomore season, Ed Davis cannot be thrilled when he looks at his school’s record.  UNC is 14-12 and only 3-8 in the ACC.  To make matters worse, he recently broke his wrist, which will keep Davis on the sidelines for roughly six weeks.  But that may not be the worst of his problems.

DraftExpress.com currently has Ed Davis as a lottery pick in the 2010 draft.  More specifically, the site thinks that he will be the fifth player taken overall.  As I said earlier, Davis is going to miss some time due to a broken wrist, but he might not be able to play another game for UNC for another reason.  Yesterday, a reader sent me a link to an agency titled, PTA Sports Management.  The Founder/CEO of PTA Sports Management is an attorney named Vincent “Vinnie” Porter.  Interestingly, if you go to their Clients page, you will find Ed Davis’s name listed among their Basketball Clients.  There is no picture of Ed Davis, but if you click on his name, you will see that it is the same Ed Davis from Benedictine High School.

This is interesting, as I had not previously heard that Ed Davis signed with an agent and forfeited his remaining student-athlete eligibility.  Has Davis committed to Porter and PTA Sports Management through a written or oral agreement, or is PTA Sports Management holding itself out as the agent of someone that they do not represent?

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  • Wade Senti

    It seems as thought PTA Sports Management is getting a little ahead of themselves. It’s just me, but I am a huge proponent of the concept of the “amateurism.” I suppose this is just one of the many examples where a firm like this views shortsighted gains over the going concern of their business operations. Last I heard Ed Davis does not have a twin by the same name somewhere else. Even if its some sort of PR stunt, who is to gain, really?

  • Interesting. I’m not sure I see Davis as a top 5 pick based on the way he’s played this year and having this injury.. But then again, I’m no draft expert, and he does have a great deal of potential. If I were him, I’d leave if I was a lottery pick lock, but I do feel he needs a lot of improvement on his post moves and will have to develop some type of basic face up game if he wants to be successful in the NBA.

  • Ryan Webber

    If Ed Davis indeed has not signed with PTA I’d be curious to know what kind of ethical rules PTA has broken. Since the founder/CEO is a licensed attorney, could he be subject to discipline for making a misrepresentation of material fact? Also, has he breached any obligations as a certified agent?

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  • jacoby

    Looks like PTA might have heard some footsteps because the Ed Davis picture is no longer listed on the website under clients. Good move Darren taking a screen shot of that.

  • Alex Will

    Is it possible that they served as “advisors” when he tested the waters last spring and they neglected to take it down? I also so Darren’s tweet about the agency is claiming their site was hacked. But my question is, does anybody believe that a projected top 5 NBA pick would sign with an agency this unknown?

    • I have never heard of an “advisor” listing a player as a client on his website. It’s another story if their site was hacked.

  • John Baldano

    I cant even view their website now! Very suspicious

  • If I was Ed Davis I would have signed with an agent as well. We all know he is leaving for the NBA he has a broken wrist and North Carolina is not going to make the tournament so why not? So he get kicked out of school that is not going to stop a NBA team from drafting him.

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  • Ronnie Tortoriello

    My friends saw him and Larry Drew in a McDonalds last night in Raleigh. Said they seemed like cool guys but were both on something. This kid should not be a lottery pick IMO, no leadership skills, not very strong, but a very gifted athlete and shows those NBA scouts potential, or basically the only thing these guys look at anymore. The kid should stay at least one more year to prove that his “potential” can actually show unlike past UNC lottery picks like Brandon Wright or say Marvin Williams. It’s so nice to see UNC at the bottom of the ACC! GO PACK!

  • Looks like Davis has officially declared for the draft and says he plans to hire an agent. I have not heard anything about who the leading candidates are but would be very surprised if he does sign with PTA. It is interesting to note they have revamped their website and while they still have a place holder for a clients page (http://www.ptasportsmanagement.com/page.php?id=5), they have currently chosen not to publish it.