After Ryan Howard signed a 5-year, $125 million extension, many people in the industry started saying that Albert Pujols next contract will be worth $30 million per year…maybe even more.  How much will the St. Louis Cardinals, or another MLB team, pay the best player in baseball?

Pujols agent, Dan Lozano, probably dreams about it every night.  Jeff Borris and others at Beverly Hills Sports Council were probably also counting down the days until it came time for Pujols to sign a new contract.  But Lozano found the exit door, and left the rest of BHSC behind.

Last night, Jerry Crasnick reported that Dan Lozano left BHSC and will likely take his other high profile clients like Jimmy Rollins and Michael Young with him.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability to look at Lozano’s employment contract with BHSC?  I wonder what kind of noncompete clause was written into the agreement.  Will BHSC just let Lozano leave and join another agency or set up shop on his own without any kind of fight?  If there is a noncompete, does it even matter?  California rarely enforces such clauses as the state is very anti restraining employment.