South Carolina Up Next?

On Friday, I touched on the serious investigation taking place at the University of North Carolina, where many players have already been interviewed by the NCAA, including Defensive Tackle Marvin Austin.  One item under investigation is travel expenses.  That same item might be a topic of discussion at nearby University of South Carolina.

It is readily known that Marvin Austin has become good friends with South Carolina’s Tight End, Weslye Saunders.  Many people believe that where Austin goes for representation will be the same place that Saunders signs, or vice versa.  Austin’s recent tweets about a trip to South Beach might have tipped of the NCAA that something might be going on regarding the payment for his travel expenses.  Apparently, Saunders was a member of that trip to South Beach.

The NCAA asked UNC projected draft picks to hand over phone records for their investigation.  I am hearing that the NCAA likewise asked Saunders for his phone records during a meeting with the NCAA that supposedly took place this past Thursday.

It should be expected that others at the University of South Carolina will be questioned regarding their expenses and/or possessions.

  • Ed The Sports Fan

    I wonder if South Carolina will self-impose some sanctions or wait until the NCAA lays down the law…interesting.


    • rtr13rtr

      No need to self-impose anything. If the player is guilty he will have a suspension or lose eligibility. The only problem for SoCar is if an ineligible player suits up this fall.

  • http://MSN SCTally1

    It would be amusing if south carolina beat UGA, Florida and Arkansas and then had to forfeit after the facts came out.

  • Jared Fortier

    This doesn’t look like its going to end well for UNC or USC.

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