The Statistician For Many Baseball Agents

Sometimes you have to spend money to make money.  This is often true when it comes to recruiting potential new clients, and also keeping existing talented clientèle.  As you probably already know, agents make very little off of a client’s first contract in any professional sport.  In baseball, an agent will only take a commission if the client’s contract is over the minimum salary threshold (this year’s minimum is $400,000).  Agents can really make nice commissions once their baseball clients become arbitration eligible.  This would be a time when it pays to pay.

One of the guys behind the scenes is a man named Marc Rubin.  Rubin is a co-owner of RayRubin Sports Analysts.  He does not only help in arbitration eligibility years, but is happy to provide insight in any contractual matter.  You know that given the proper tools, you can negotiate a good deal for your client.  Rubin provides the tools.  He has been a statistics professor at Southern New Hampshire University Graduate School of Business for over 25 years.  For many of those years, he has been hired as an independent contractor by agencies.

Rubin has contacted a lot of agents over the years, including yours truly.  He first reached out to me in February 2008 suggesting that he could be of service in providing detailed projections/analysis for unrepresented players that I might be soliciting.  While I have not hired Rubin to date, I could see that change in the future.  He has done a good job of staying in touch with me, and has quite a few solid testimonials from agents that I trust.

He recently sent me this article, written about him by his hometown paper.  He sure looks more like a statistician than your standard agent, but I guess that is a good thing!

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