Tyler Honeycutt, Marcus Morris, And Markieff Morris To Sign With Agent?

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This is interesting news, as Jason Martin is not listed as the agent for any recent Kansas basketball player who went on to play in the NBA.  The Morris twins (Marcus and Markieff) are likely to be selected in the first round of the 2011 NBA Draft.  Tyler Honeycutt, who is leaving UCLA after his Sophomore year is not guaranteed to be a first round pick, but could certainly solidify his spot in the first round as other potential early entrants decide to go back to school after “testing the waters.”

And who exactly is Jason Martin?  Anyone know which agency he works for (I assume it is one of the larger groups)?

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  • Josh Pittell

    Jason Martin appears to be an aspiring agent based out of Beverly Hills, California. According to Yahoo Sports, Martin doesn’t have any current NBA players as clients, although there is some speculation that Jrue Holiday of the 76ers is represented by Martin. This would be an extremely surprising move by the twins if they sign with this guy who appears to be an unknown to the sports world.

    • Any word on if Martin has teamed up with an existing agency?

      • Fj

        Seems like nobody has any idea who Martin is working with/for. Some websites even question if he is certified by the NBA.

  • Josh Pittell

    It seems that Jrue Holiday is with Dan Fegan over at Lagardere Unlimited, so there goes the speculation that Jrue was a client of Jason Martin. However, if Martin at one point was in charge of Holiday’s contractual affairs, and now he may be representing the Morris twins can one infer that the Twins will end up being signed by Lagardere Unlimited (a.k.a. Dan Fegan’s agency)? Former Jayhawk Drew Gooden is also a client of Lagardere Unlimited, so for the twins to be apart of that agency wouldn’t seem out of the question. Yet, why would they want “Jason Martin” as opposed to Dan Fegan? (that is if my assumption holds true)