Aaron Goodwin of Goodwin Sports Management has represented some of the best players in basketball.  At one point in time, he represented Rodney Stuckey, LeBron James, Al Horford, and Dwight Howard.  They all currently have different agents representing them.  Now add Jamal Crawford to that list.

Jamal Crawford has terminated his relationship with Goodwin Sports Management in an offseason where he is expecting a nice payday (through an extension) once teams resume signing players.  He has performed impressively with the Atlanta Hawks over the past couple of years, and should have quite a few teams as potential suitors, should the Hawks not be interested in providing Crawford’s future request for an extension.

Goodwin Sports Management’s big client is now Kevin Durant.  The company also represents Nate Robinson, Matt Barnes, Demar DeRozan, Terrence Williams, amongst others.  Crawford has not yet announced who his next agent will be.