Basketball agent Dan Fegan has gone from representing the #1 overall pick in the 2010 NBA Draft (former University of Kentucky and current Washington Wizards guard John Wall) to not signing a representation agreement with a single player selected in the 2012 NBA Draft.  When Blue Entertainment Sports Television (BEST) – eventually acquired by Lagardère Unlimited – decided to acquire Fegan & Associates (led by Dan Fegan), it was looking forward to years like 2010.  But now, four years after the acquisition, it appears that Fegan and Lagardère Unlimited will separate.

Fegan said the following to SportsBusiness Journal: “I can confirm I am no longer with Lagardère Unlimited,” but he added that he and the company are still engaged in “active discussions.”  I had a hard time getting any response from Lagardère Unlimited.  The one thing a representative from the company did say was that the company remains committed to its basketball representation business and looks forward to continuing its growth both organically and through future acquisitions.  Lagardère Unlimited is known for growing through acquisitions, which includes the 2012 purchase of Gaylord Sports Management.

Even though Fegan had an unsuccessful 2012 NBA Draft, he is still one of the more prominent agents in basketball.  Fegan clients include the aforementioned John Wall, Dwight Howard, Kevin Martin, Ricky Rubio, Al Harrington, Anderson Varejao, and Shawn Marion.  Whether Fegan ends up joining another firm or starting his own practice, he will likely be equipped with at least the majority of clients he represented while at Lagardère Unlimited.  The man with a Juris Doctorate degree from Yale University who loves a good game of chess and is always “thinking a few moves ahead” likely has a strategy in play for quite some time.