Lagardere Unlimited’s senior vice president has resigned from his position with the agency’s golf division.

In January 2012, Lagardère Unlimited acquired Scottsdale, Arizona-based Gaylord Sports Management Group.  Gaylord Sports was well known for its expansive golf division, which included 2012 World Golf Hall of Fame inductee Phil Mickelson and 2011 PGA Championship winner and 2011 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year Keegan Bradley.  The company’s senior vice president, David Yates, stayed on board with Lagardère Unlimited.  Over the weekend, Lagardère Unlimited announced that David Yates has resigned from that position.

“David has been a valuable asset to us and will always be a good friend,” said Steve Loy, Lagardère Unlimited Golf President.  “We’ve been through so much together in coaching, in growing Gaylord Sports from five clients into a premier agency and becoming a part of Lagardère Unlimited.  We wish David and his family the very best.”

Lagardère Unlimited Golf has undergone a lot of changes since Lagardère Unlimited’s purchase of Gaylord Sports.  In July of last year, golf agent Brian Newton resigned from the agency.  He also became a part of Lagardère Unlimited due to its acquisition of Gaylord Sports.  Since Newton’s departure, Lagardère Unlimited has picked up two new golf player managers.  One of them is former United States Golf Association (USGA) Girls Junior champion and 11-year LPGA Tour golfer Emilee Klein.  The other is former Titleist Wedge Development Director Rick Nelson.