Rich Paul, Drew Rosenhaus And Scott Boras Praised For ‘Behind The Scenes’ Influence


Scott Boras is ranked No. 18 on Business Insider’s list of most influential people behind the scenes in sports.

Last week, Philip Johnson of Business Insider wrote an article titled, The 50 Most Influential People Behind The Scenes In Sports.  The list includes presidents, owners, managers, coaches, doctors, reporters, and of course, agents.  The sports agents listed were Rich Paul, Drew Rosenhaus and baseball agent Scott Boras, who was the highest ranked agent at No. 18 on the list.

What’s new in the lives of each of the agents listed?

Boras recently found his name included in a new Jay-Z song called Crown.  The lyrics read, “Scott Boras, you over baby.  Robinson Cano, you coming with me.”  The reference is to Jay-Z prying away Cano from baseball’s super-agent in the recent past.  Cano is now represented by Jay-Z’s agency Roc Nation Sports.  Boras replied to the Crown “diss” by saying that he loves jazz music and that he is a huge Bernie Williams fan.

Rosenhaus wrestled a shark.  Really.

Rich Paul was busy finding former Texas point guard Myck Kabongo a spot on an NBA summer-league team after he went undrafted.  Kabongo’s ultimate destination was with Miami Heat’s squad.  Paul also represents LeBron James.