I was supposed to be in New York today, but my case settled as I was boarding a plane. So I’m in not-so-sunny South Florida to enjoy this weekend. Then, I’m off to Las Vegas on Wednesday and California on Saturday. I’ll be out of the office (but always connected) for a full eight days. Good luck to all baseball players and advisors taking part in the MLB Draft. And best of luck to Draymond Green on bringing home another championship for Golden State.

This week on Forbes: (1) This Week In Sports Law: Illinois Delays Daily Fantasy, NFL Hush Money, Baylor Bounces Ken Starr; (2) How Wellness Helped Technogym Generate $581.2 Million In 2015; (3) PokerStars In California: What’s In The Cards For 2016?; (4) All 30 NBA Teams Release LGBT Pride Month T-Shirts; (5) MLB Adds Color To Fight Against Prostate Cancer; and (6) NHL Sues Players Union Over Discipline Of Dennis Wideman.

And as always, the weekly wrap-up:




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