Friday Wrap-Up

Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-up (6/10/2016)

I was supposed to be in New York today, but my case settled as I was boarding a plane. So I’m in not-so-sunny South Florida to enjoy this weekend. Then, I’m off to Las Vegas on Wednesday and California on Saturday. I’ll be out of the office (but always connected) for a full eight days. […]

Headline Recruiting Sports Agents

Baseball ‘Prospect’ Dupes Girlfriend, Scribes And A Couple Of Agents

Montaous Walton.  It is very unlikely that you have ever heard the name, unless you happened to read a recent long-form article written by Brandon Sneed for  And if you have not read the article, it is highly recommended that you do. Montaous was a boy with a dream of playing baseball.  He so […]