On Friday, it was revealed that a Chicago youth basketball coach was charged with four counts of producing child pornography, one count of conspiracy to produce same and one count of knowingly receiving child pornography. The individual accused of such heinous crimes is not just a basketball coach, he is a sports agent who represents professional basketball players.

Bradley Ames allegedly paid minor boys to record them engaging in sexual acts and then disseminated the content over the Internet. To make matters worse (if possible) Ames is alleged to have paid a co-conspirator, from time-to-time, to engage in sexual acts with the minors.

On June 10, sports agency Priority Sports & Entertainment listed Ames as a part of its basketball team of agents and head of the company’s international operations. “Brad deals with the NBA Development League, from which we have had the most NBA “call-ups” of any agency,” stated the “Our Team” page.

As of today, Ames is no longer listed on the page. Additionally, a page dedicated to biography of Ames now provides an “ACCESS DENIED” title with no further information attached.

Ames had been with Priority Sports for thirteen years. It now appears that the company is doing what it can to distance itself from him.

Ames could face a minimum of fifteen years in prison. His lawyer says that the investigation has been ongoing for over two years and denies that Ames is guilty of the charges.