Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-up (3/23/2018)

Sorry about my absence last week. It was my 8th annual trip to Las Vegas for March Madness, the time zone change threw me off, college basketball took my attention away and I was busy doing things like filing a couple of trademark applications for UMBC. But enough with excuses! The Miami Heat are rolling toward the playoffs (which is exciting), the Miami Dolphins seems to be losing all of their star power (which is saddening) and the Miami Marlins are about to start their first season under new ownership after hemorrhaging their roster (which is angering). But speaking of baseball, I thoroughly enjoyed taking some cuts in batting practice at Houston Astros Spring Training this week. If Tim Tebow can make a shot at it then so can I..

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This week on Forbes:
(1) New York Jets Sued For Severing Personal Seat License Fees;
(2) Esports Legend Ninja Confirms He Is Earning Over $500,000 Per Month;
(3) Why A New Football League Thinks It Has What It Takes To Survive

This week on Inc.:
(1) How the Miami Dolphins Became the NFL’s Leader in Digital Strategy;
(2) How MGM Resorts Was Convinced to Scrape a Luxor Nightclub for an Esports Arena;
(3) The NBA, Nike and NFL Make LinkedIn’s Top Companies List for First Time;
(4) How Peyton Manning Signing with the Broncos Led to the Creation of a Sports Ticket Startup

And as always, the weekly wrap-up:



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