I feel like I have been going at 100mph since coming back from my Honeymoon in January, so thankfully I will be heading on a couple week vacation at the beginning of July. Thus, expect a short moratorium from the weekly wrap-up during that period. Things are going very well at the law firm as well as with my various writing, but there is 1 update to share. I’m going to be putting a pause on writing at Inc.com. It was a nice run of 3 years, but there are internal changes going on over there and I want to focus a bit more on pushing out strong content at Forbes, where you can still find constant sports business writings from me.

Special thanks goes out to SportsBettingCanadian.ca this week.

This week on Forbes:
(1) Gatorade Remains The Sports Fuel Company After A Trademark Win On Fair Use Grounds;
(2) How San Francisco’s Fastest Growing Blockchain Marketing Firm Is Going Big On Sports;
(3) CrossFit Says Reebok Has Been Dishonest And Deceptive, Demands $4.8 Million For Breach Of Contract;
(4) New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees Makes Significant Investment In Comfortable Clothing Brand UNTUCKit;
(5) How This Company Used Instagram Marketing To Become A Leading Fitness Brand;
(6) Boom Fantasy Closes $4.5 Million Round With Participation From Major League Baseball Team Owner;
(7) Elevate Sports Ventures Adds High-Powered Partners And Says Seattle’s KeyArena Is First Major Project;
(8) Milwaukee Bucks’ Sterling Brown Sues City, Claims He Was Targeted Based On Skin Color;
(9) How Two NFL Retirees Are Tackling Their Challenges With A Strong Game Plan

And as always, the weekly wrap-up:



  • “The expectation of MLB’s staunch involvement in the gaming rules of each state and the legislature, and how actively they’ve been at the forefront of this and what they’ve advocated publicly — they fully expect to make billions of dollars annually from this. And therefore, any owner, when he goes to sell his franchise will include that benefit into his franchise value” [Scott Boras has some thoughts on sports betting].