Patriots Facing Important 2018 NFL Draft Decisions

The New England Patriots were defeated by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2018 Super Bowl, with their defensive deficiencies on display giving up 41 points at US Bank Stadium. Bill Belichick made a controversial decision to leave cornerback Malcolm Butler on the bench for the contest. His replacements struggled to

Highest Earning Sports Teams & Agencies 2017

2017 has been a bumper year for the worldwide sports industry. Worth around $400 billion dollars, we take a look at the top earning teams and agencies. Top Sports Teams 2017 Revenues for National Football League (NFL) and European Soccer Leagues in 2017 were $13 billion and $13.7 billion respectively. European Soccer

Online Casino Enters The World Of MMA Sponsorship

Writer, blogger and soundbite machine Susan Gale said: “Sometimes, when two worlds collide, a better one is created.” It is highly unlikely that she had in mind either the world of mixed martial arts or that of the online casino industry, yet these apparently separate sectors have recently come together

The Top Five Richest Football Agents In The World

When you think of the people in football, you often think of the players, managers, referees, coaches, fans, chairmen etc., however, football is not complete without agents and in today’s climate, never will be. Agents are the only authorised people by FIFA who are able to act as the middlemen

Top 4 Sports Agent Scandals

Most people's exposure to the world of sports agents begins and ends with Jerry Maguire. But contrary to the film, what really goes on between agents and athletes is much less sterile. In a world where the name of the game is often impressing teenage athletes by any means necessary, controversy