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Want To Break Into Representing NFL Players? Look At The Back Of The Draft.

Andrew Norwell was a 4-star recruit out of high school and played his college ball at Ohio State, starting 39 games across the offensive line from 2010-13. His junior and senior year he was named first team all-Big Ten, helping the Buckeyes set school records for points scored (637) and yards per carry (6.8).

He was, by all accounts, a stud.

Andrew Norwell went undrafted in the 2014 NFL Draft.

The NFL Draft is an inexact science, with around 250 players hearing their names called on Draft weekend and double that whose phones ring immediately afterwards with an offer to sign as an Undrafted Free Agent (UDFA). Even the best professional teams miss on player evaluations, which is why they hustle immediately after the draft to fill their training camp roster with these available free agents.

Norwell signed with the Carolina Panthers as a free agent after the 2014 NFL Draft, started every game after week 7, and four years later signed a 66.5-million-dollar contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

A true undrafted success story.

UDFA’s often slip through the cracks when they come from small schools, where competition, not ability, is a question. Guys like New England Patriots Super Bowl hero Malcolm Butler (West Alabama) and NFL Hall of Famer John Randle (Texas A&M-Kingsville) come to mind.

Other times pro scouts just can’t measure a player’s willingness to compete. That was the case with Norwell; they questioned his athleticism and misevaluated his heart.

While most everyone focuses on the high-profile players at the top of the draft, the players at the bottom aren’t to be ignored, especially if you dream of being a sports agent.

This magical area of cast-offs and potential laden athletes is where NFL agent careers begin.

Malcolm Butler’s agent isn’t Leigh Steinberg or Ben Dogra. It is Derek Simpson. Minnesota Vikings backup QB Kyle Sloter, a UDFA from the 2017 draft, isn’t represented by Tom Condon or Nicole Lynn. He’s represented by Sports Management Worldwide Athlete Management graduate Adam Klimek. 

New sports agents don’t pass their certification exam and start by representing Drew Lock or Nick Bosa. They start lower, amongst the UDFA’s and work their way up the ladder.

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