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Dunn, But Not Dead

According to, Sports Agent David Dunn has picked up Baltimore Ravens quarterback Kyle Boller for Dunn’s company: Athletes First. This news is interesting, since it was just reported that players may leave Dunn because of his possible suspension from the NFLPA for two years [It’s a Gore-y Situation]. Why would Boller switch from Octagon […]

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It’s a Gore-y Situation

Matt Maiocco, author of INSTANT 49ers Blog at The Press Democrat, reports that Frank Gore has formally switched agents [Beginning to wonder if 49ers are making progress]. Frank Gore decided to sign with agent David Dunn after attending the University of Miami, but has been on guard lately as his agent may be suspended from […]

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One More Reason Why It Helps To Have An Agent?

I don’t want to ruin the suspense, but I need to divulge some important information in order to write this post; Shawn Merriman will be on this week’s Nightmare Clients of the Week. If you have not heard, he was suspended 4 games for violating the NFL substance abuse policy. Now that I have gotten […]

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Upshaw: New Recruiting Rules?

Gene Upshaw, exec. director of the NFLPA, has recently stated his desire to change the rules on agents recruiting of college football players. Currently, agents are not able to sign a player or give a player anything of monetary value without that player losing his/her NCAA eligibility, but there are no rules against an agent […]

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Is It Really Worth It?

People say that agents giving financial goodies to potential clients is much worse in football than any other sport. The Reggie Bush scandal that seemed to be locked away from the media for a while has just hit the surface again due to a new Yahoo! report, which suggests that Bush’s family did in fact […]

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Agent Spotlight: Zeke Sandhu

It was not too long ago that Zeke Sandhu found himself in one of the most powerful sports agencies: Lock, Metz & Malinovic (LMM). In fact, the NFLPA still has him listed as an agent for the company. The NFLPA should update its database! Zeke Sandhu was listed as one of the agents representing 3 […]

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Deion Branch’s Agent At Fault?

Amidst all the talk about arbitration hearings, the Patriots reneging on their promise to trade Branch, etc, is there any place for Branch’s agent to be blamed for the Branch saga? believes that Jason Chayut, agent for Deion Branch, should have focused on first finding out from the Patriots exactly what it would take […]

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Know Your Drugs

We may look back to the beginning of 21st century sports as The Years of the Drug.  Baseball has suspended players for steroids and human growth hormone use while football has repeatedly suspended players for violating its substance abuse policy.  Agents need to be aware of what their clients are taking and what the rules […]

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Social Networking to Win Good Press!

Today I would like to introduce to you an athlete who uses his MySpace page to reach out to his fans and further promote his charity affiliations. For an NFL rookie, he seems to know a little bit more about keeping a good image than many seasoned veterans. His name is Reggie Bush, and he […]

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The Importance of Escalators

Not only are they a lot more fun than elevators, but making sure that you earn your client fair escalators in an NFL contract may make a difference in whether he gets paid any given year. With the high incidence of injury in professional football and no such thing as a guaranteed contract, agents have […]