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The Wash Up 24th-31st September

As of this week, I will be writing a new weekly column. I often see many stories which have an impact on the industry but are never strong enough to warrant an in depth article.

So every week I will be writing “The Wash Up”, which will include a brief critique about several stories that impacted the industry that week.

Chris Judd announced that he has chosen Carlton as his preferred destination. However, the deal is not set in stone. The Eagles and the Blues still have to negotiate a trade, and it currently looks like a stalemate. West Coast want picks 1,3,20 and Josh Kennedy, however the Blues aren’t budging on giving up the number 1 pick, reserved for Kruezer. [Eagles, Blues in Judd stand-off]

Alpha magazine this month has the theme of “The Rich List”, which is a fascinating and in depth look into athlete’s earnings, with a rare section on Australian athletes. There is no link to the articles online, but at only $2.95, I suggest you check it out.

Michael Huyghue, the newly appointed Chief of the United Football League, has voluntarily handed back his NFL agent license, as it is a conflict of interest to be Chief and represent football athletes. However, Huyghue still has a client list that includes MLB players, and the MLB is looking into whether there is a conflict there. [New football league chief gives up his agent’s ticket] I can’t see a conflict as it is an entirely different sport, what are your thoughts?

Ever wondered how much a rookie makes in the AFL? Well, in the Herald Sun‘s article on the financial success of Joel Selwood this year, it announced that a first-round first year draft pick makes a base salary of $50,200. Also, an AFL player recieves a match payment of $2,400 per game. Seems slim pickings to the millions made abroad.

Stay tuned for more next week!

– Chris Lesley

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