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Would You Like a Cuban Cigar With That Pitcher?

Americans have been smuggling Cuban items into the country since the formation of the Cuban Embargo. The latest item: professional baseball players.  Gustavo “Gus” Dominguez has been charged for paying aides to illegally bring Cuban players to California with the end goal being that they get signed by MLB teams [Feds charge agent with smuggling […]

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It’s a Gore-y Situation

Matt Maiocco, author of INSTANT 49ers Blog at The Press Democrat, reports that Frank Gore has formally switched agents [Beginning to wonder if 49ers are making progress]. Frank Gore decided to sign with agent David Dunn after attending the University of Miami, but has been on guard lately as his agent may be suspended from […]

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Scott Boras Wants To Eat Your Children

And also sign more baseball players and increase his revenue. Daisuke Matsuzaka, MVP of the World Baseball Classic, has decided that he will leave the Seibu Lions in Japan and test the MLB waters with his agent Scott Boras helping him along the way [Boras to represent Japanese pitching star Matsuzaka]. This guy has performed […]

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No Tolerance Policy

This past Friday, Sports Agent Charles Taplin was arrested for trying to gain information about and contact student athletes at Louisiana State University [LSUPD charges ‘agent’ in WCA]. The arrest is for “violating a Louisiana law that regulates sports agents and their contact with athletes.” But the story gets worse. Travelle Gaines, an assistant strength […]

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David Isn’t Dunn Yet

All the way back on January 31st of this year (wow, this blog has come a long way…one year anniversary coming up on December 31st), I did a spotlight on Sports Agent David Dunn.  Within the post, I discussed how Mr. Dunn got around a 2 year suspension imposed by the NFLPA. According to, […]

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Shakeup At William Morris Agency

There is a new Vice President of Golf at William Morris Agency. Former employee of Nike Golf, Greg Nared will take over for Ross Berlin at WMA and will be in charge of managing Michelle Wie’s career [Golf Phenom Michelle Wie Switches Agents]. Ross Berlin will rejoin the PGA Tour, where he was once in […]

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Will The Colts/Chargers Success Hurt Agents?

Last week I wrote a post titled, Will The Yankees Success Hurt Agents?. The post received a lot of hits and I received a lot of personal e-mails to further discuss the matter. Within the article, I mentioned SBR’s note on how the Yankees’ team may be the worst Return on Investment in the history […]

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Will The Yankees Success Hurt Agents?

Since the beginning of the Steinbrenner era, the Yankees have been notorious for purchasing high-priced and sometimes overvalued free-agents.  George Steinbrenner’s willingness to spend an exorbitant amount of money on his team has made Sports Agents eager to have their clients signed by the New York Yankees (for recent story, see: Johnny Damon). But when […]

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Show Yourself The Money

Ask any Sports Agent, you most likely need to have some money before you can start making any.  Clients may cost you a lot of money prior to you receiving any sort of profit on your investment.  A chance is being taken on a man named Sun Ming Ming by Charles Bonsignore. A graduate of […]

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True Hoop Wiki

Henry Abbott, through his basketball blog True Hoop, is on a mission to provide more knowledge about basketball agent/client relations to the common man/woman.  On October 3rd, Abbott announced the creation of the first publicly available online list of NBA players and their agents.  The website is named TrueHoopWiki, and will attempt to cover other […]