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Scotty Doesn’t Know?

I highly doubt that Scott Boras does not know the power that he wields in the Sports Agent business. Carlos Lee has been the most recent addition to Boras’s arsenal of Major League Baseball clients after Lee decided to leave his agent, Adam Katz [Power play? Carlos Lee picks Boras as new agent]. In July, […]

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Fiduciary Duty

Looking over the history of posts on this blog, I was surprised to find very little content relating to an agent’s fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of his/her client at all times.  Fiduciary duty is a term which means that there exists a special relationship where trust, confidence, or responsibility to others […]

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The Importance of Escalators

Not only are they a lot more fun than elevators, but making sure that you earn your client fair escalators in an NFL contract may make a difference in whether he gets paid any given year. With the high incidence of injury in professional football and no such thing as a guaranteed contract, agents have […]

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Analysis of “Maybe Jerry Maguire Should Have Stuck With Law School: How The Sports Agent Responsibility and Trust Act Implements Lawyer-Like Rules For Sports Agents”

This post is officially crowned as having the longest title ever! Anyway, once again, hat tip to Sports Law Blog for contributing its Sports Law Scholarship program and finding a gem for this blog to post some analysis on. The Law Review article under discussion is called: Maybe Jerry Maguire Should Have Stuck With Law […]

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Hochevar Signs Major League Contract

As was reported last week by, Luke Hochevar (1st overall pick in the 2006 MLB draft) has been signed by the Kansas City Royals and now has a 4 year Major League contract [Royals agree with top pick Hochevar]. Why is it particularly important that Scott Boras got his client a Major League contract? […]

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Agent or Advisor?

The Sports Law Blog made a post on July 24th highlighting Phil Kessel’s (hockey player at University of Minnesota) contract negotiations with the Boston Bruins. An agent by the name of Wade Arnott is serving as an advisor instead of as an agent. He is not receiving any money for his services as an advisor, […]

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Light My Fire

My friend linked me over to a blog he came across, which has a post titled: An Open Letter to Sports Law and Sports Management Students.  If you do not feel like clicking the link and heading over to read the post, this is what it says in its entirety: Get ready to work for […]

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NBA Player Firing an Agent

Upset with the performance of his longtime, New York-based agent Andy Miller, Al Harrinton has fired him in the midst of a trade from the Atlanta Hawks organization [Harrington fires his agent].  An important part of all of this is that league rules mandate that a player who fires his agent may not hire a […]

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Want to be an Ultimate Fighting agent?

Personally, I am not a huge fan of Ultimate Fighting. My cousin used to partake in the sport, but it is just a little to gruesome for my liking. My tastes may not represent the population as a whole, though [Ultimate fighting anyone?]. Is Ultimate Fighting really already bigger than the sport of boxing? […]

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Want to be a College Coach’s agent?

It may not be a bad idea, as college coach (and pro coach) salaries have risen exponentially in the past couple of decades. In the past, I touched on the fact that even women’s basketball coaches may become an area of interest for Sports Agents; Pat Summitt became the first women’s basketball coach to obtain […]