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Regulations Governing Sports Agents


Being a student studying business I ask myself everyday: How is this lecture by this PhD relevant to my future life? The fact of the matter is that if you are aspiring to run your own business or manage a firm like a Sports Agency you will have to learn by doing. You can gain exposure by interning with a sports agent, but it never hurts to self educate.

We can all say we want to be sports agents. Some of us will actually break into the business and potentially become drones at a large firm, while others have greater aspirations to run their own business. However, there are few of us that have actually read through the laws that govern sports agents (specifically in Major League Baseball).

For today’s reading I suggest the MLBPA’s Regulations Governing Sports Agents:

Note that the MLBPA is one of the strongest unions in the world. Therefore sports agents are pretty much subject to everything except a full body cavity search.

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