Here to report in the middle of our spring break.  Just some quick comments about March Madness. 

#1.  Tennessee lost 4 of their last 6 and ended up a 2 seed.  I believe UNC-Chapel Hill got snubbed out of the Greensboro game and should have had that 2 seed.  Florida won the SEC tournament, had more wins, and less losses yet was the 3 seed.  Tennessee has not been in the NCAA since 2001 so they get rewarded with the 2.

#2. Minneapolis Bracket is the most competitive.  Villanova, Ohio State, Florida, Boston College, Nevada, Oklahoma.  The top 6 seeds are the most evenly matched.  I expect this one to make our break people’s office pools. 

#3. George Washington got screwed.  How do you get rewarded for having the best win pct in college hoops?  By an 8 seed and potentially facing Duke on day 2.  What was Littlepage thinking?  GW should have been a 5 or 6.  They say they dont reward off the of only the last week….but look at Syracuse.  They win 4 close games in a row and go from bubble team to a 5 seed. 

#4. ACC v SEC:  ACC is known to be a basketball conf. while the SEC is a football one.  SEC got 6 bids and ACC got 4.  Looks like the SEC is getting some respect.


….Let’s hope Darren is partying it up in Las Vegas.  In other news not that Daunte Culpepper is going to Miami and Drew Brees is going to New Orleans.  This could cause a potential shake up in the NFL draft.