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No More Questions – T.O. Playing For “America’s Team”

Owens will be running with them now!

After taking a hiatus from the press (did anybody notice?), Drew Rosenhaus was able to sign his client, Terrell Owens, to a 3-year, $25 million contract with the Dallas Cowboys. That $25 million is broken down into a $5 million bonus up front and $5 for his first season with the Cowboys. Terrell will actually rake in more money his 2nd year with the Cowboy’s than his 3rd. In 2007, he will make $8 million and in 2008, he will earn $7 million. This is surprising, as I figured that Owens would have an escalating contract, with most of the money offered in the final year of his contract. If someone can come up with an explanation for this, please submit it as a comment to this post.

Rosenhaus claims that 6 other teams were actively pursuing his client (I find that hard to believe), which is use of a good Agent tool. With competition for a player, contractual terms are usually beneficial for the Agent’s client.

Did Rosenhaus get too little, just enough, or too much money for his client?

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By Darren Heitner

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One reply on “No More Questions – T.O. Playing For “America’s Team””

Rosenhaus is brilliant, thats how he got $8 million in year 2 and $7 for year 3. TO is old, and the NFL’s non-guaranteed contracts allow owners/teams to screw players. It’s highly likely T.O. gets cut after the 2nd year if/when the Cowboys run into cap problems, so Rosenhaus just got his client an extra million dollars.

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