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World Congress on Sports

I was recently searching the web for ways that those aspiring to be active members in the Sports Business industry can learn more and network. While I have seen many online programs or classes, one opportunity would be the World Congress on Sports. The only downside for future agents, promoters, and marketers would be that the price tag is nearly $2000.

You can learn more about this yearly event here at the link below. While I am not suggesting you take out a low interest loan to attend the event, I simply want to put the information out there for the future.

One topic that was discussed at the 2006 event was “Sports as a Global Language.” The Olympics and World Cup Soccer events have been successes from a business perspective for many years. NFL Europe is now off the ground. I had the privilege to attend the inaugural World Baseball Classic and to see the Dominican and Venezuelan fans interact with each other. It made me realize how more global sports are becoming. From Yao Ming and Luol Deng to David Ortiz and Dirk Nowitzki, it is becoming apparent that sports agents need to have an understanding of the world. Educate yourself as much as possible and experience as many cultures as you can. If you aspire to be a baseball agent learning Spanish (or even Japanese) could never hurt. It is just one more way to be a step in front of the next person who has the same dream as you.

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