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Spend it like Beckham

Bloomberg, one of the global leaders in financial and market data, had an interesting article on this year’s World Cup. Let’s face it: soccer is huge globally even though it is not very popular on this continent. Young Americans interested in becoming agents should not dismiss soccer because its global appeal is certainly growing. It is one of the most sponsored sports, however many in North America dismiss it because it does not have the allure of baseball or basketball.

The news of David Beckham playing for Real Madrid sent shockwaves in the soccer (“football”) community. However, Beckham and Real Madrid have not had the great success that many anticipated them to have. (It is similar to the situation of Alex Rodriguez going to the New York Yankees.) This is the chance for David Beckham to send his image into the stratosphere. If England wins its first World Cup in nearly 40 yrs, Beckham could feasibly hit Michael Jordan levels in terms of endorsement deals.

“Beckham has peaked as a brand,” Nigel Currie, director of U.K. sports marketing company brand Rapport, said in a phone interview. “In terms of purely football, there are plenty of players who are overtaking him.”-Bloomberg

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