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Welcome to the 21st Century


The use of technology is becoming more prevalent in sports. From online fantasy games, sports cell phones, to on demand sporting events it is more obvious that athletes (and agents) cannot forget the cyber equation. One of the most successful business ventures over the past 2 years is Apple’s iPod. Apparently, the trend is catching on in Major League Baseball. Colorado now uses the video iPod to watch opposing hitters or pitchers prior to a game (or even in the dug out during a game). Video scouting has been used in sports for years; the Colorado Rockies just brought it to the next level. The Seattle Mariners and Florida Marlins have also caught onto this trend.

In the front office of some teams, like Boston and Cleveland, intense computer software is part of the game. The software is used for player valuations beyond basic SABRMETRICS. Players and team executives have benefited from new technology. The next logical step would be the sports agent….perhaps through the endorsement or recruiting venues?

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Was pretty surprised to find this blog…my cousin actually wants to be a Sports Agent himself – I’ll certainly recommend that he visit your site 🙂

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