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Pacman Keeps Chomping

Pacman Jones wants YOU to be his agent!

So a shooting goes down at a strip club in Las Vegas and rumors start flying around that Pacman Jones was a part of it [A Strip Club Incident That Might NOT Have Featured Pac Man Jones]. Pacman is no virgin when it comes to being involved in altercations, so the rumors quickly gained validity in the eyes of many readers.

Anyway, it was quite interesting when the Las Vegas Review-Journal revealed that the next day, Pacman’s agent (Michael Huyghue of Axcess Sports & Entertainment) had still known nothing about the incident. Now whether or not Mr. Huyghue’s client (Pacman Jones) was involved in the shooting, there is no reason that I should know about the incident when I wake up the next day while Mr. Huyghue is left in the dark. The man’s job includes reading the daily papers from across the nation.

Claim as much as you want that Pacman is already going into these allegations with a tainted image, but the fact that the strip club’s co-owner has even confessed that Jones assaulted a stripper and threatened to kill a bouncer [Pacman Accused Of Lying About Strip Club Shootout DNA From Bite Sought]. Also, he apparently threw a trash bag full of money at a dancer and when she took the money, a brawl ensued and bullets were fired [Warrant includes details of club melee, shootings]. That can’t help Pacman’s case.

But back to Pacman’s representation, which is what we really care about at this blog, anyway. While his agent, Michael Huyghue was left in the dark, Pacman’s lawyer (Worrick Robinson) has been trying his best to defend his client [Pacman’s $81,000 in club shooting seized by police]. I am honestly not quite sure what Mr. Huyghue’s role should be when dealing with a client surrounded by criminal issues; however, playing the ignorant card when dealing with a national issue is probably not the best choice.

But hold up a second. This all gets even crazier now. Pacman Jones has fired Michael Huyghue, but he filed his paperwork to terminate his contract before the shooting in Las Vegas [NFLPA: Pacman terminates agent]. Huyghue had no idea about his termination, but will have verification very shortly as the NFLPA has a 10 day window to tell an agent after his representation has been cut off. Any takers for the highly coveted position of Adam Pacman Jones’s agent?

At least none of this is as gross as when Pacman got hurdled by Tyler Palko [YouTube – Tyler Palko Hurdles Pac Man Jones].

-Darren Heitner

By Darren Heitner

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