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Book Review: “How to Succeed as a Sports Agent”

Mel Stein’s book How to Succeed as a Sports Agent (2002) takes a different approach to the Sports Agent job. Mel has managed some high profile UK footballers in his time such as Alan Shearer, and his book reads in chronogolical form from setting up an agency, to playing contracts and endorsements.

It is a very easy to read book, and very short (96 pages). The diagolue is very tongue in cheek, and quite easy to understand.

The book primarily focuses around UK based sports such as Football, Cricket and Rugby, so UK readers would find this book a bit more interesting than others.

A highlight of the book is his chapter on keeping clients. He stresses the fact that you must treat your clients equally, whether they provide you with millions or not, each client should receive the same amount of time.

Check it out at Amazon.

– Chris Lesley