Corporate Sponsors Endorsements

Fever Pitch

After their poor performance at the ICC World Cup, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has decided to take the harsh line and cut the maximum amount of endorsments an Indian cricket team player can have to three. [Indian bosses crack down on player endorsements]
This could come as a shock to superstar Sachin Tendulkar, who currently has lucrative deals with about 15 brands. Also, the players must now submit all endorsement contracts to the BCCI.

Nandan Kameth, director of sports management company GoSports, suggests that athletes need to be more personal with their endorsements, and that they should ultimately link the brands they represent with the ideals they stand for. [The Hindu Business Line: “The clear lesson is the need to diversify”]

Due to the BCCI’s planned restrictions, this is more important than ever. With a well supported management team, players can carve out a niche of the consistently growing sporting market.
As Kameth sugests:
“A sporting celebrity must remember that he or she is a direct product of the society he or she lives in and has a huge commercial and other stake in its overall well-being.”

Players need to realize that although they may be limited in their brand connections, they need to create a strong bond with these brands as they play an important role in society. After their dismal performance in the World Cup, supporters and buyers will be skeptical in their loyalty as they don’t want their expectations shattered.

– Chris Lesley