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Ponting number 1

The recent Sweeney Sports survey has put Australian Cricket Captain Ricky Ponting as the most marketable athlete in Australia. [Ponting most marketable Aussie] The desire for Australia to win back the Ashes was highlighted by five Aussie cricketers in the top 10.

This was the first time since 2001 that Ian Thorpe was not on top, possibly due to his retirement.

Harry Kewell moved up to number 4 due to him being Australia’s best soccer player and the recent World Cup.

The Sweeney report is a great resource for Agents as it it a great tool to find out where an athlete stands in the minds of Australians.

For example, Harry Kewell recently ended his partnership with Adidas and generally only does charity work. Being at number 4, this implies that Harry Kewell is in demand and that his agent should take advantage of the marketability of him in Australia.

– Chris Lesley

5 replies on “Ponting number 1”

how did AFL players rank in the survey? being the major sport in australia, Australia football player would rank highly as being the dominate sport

You would think so, but surprisingly they didn’t rank too high. I guess there is a massive pool of talent in a small centralised area. AFL did rank as the number 1 sport though. Also, alot of Aussie take national pride over state pride anyday.


How could I go about getting a copy of the Sweeny Sports survey?


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