Interview With The Athlete

Interview With The Athlete: Daniel Moskos

Interview With The Athlete

By Matthew Vuckovich

Daniel Moskos is a 21-year-old baseball player. He pitched for Clemson University in the Super Regionals this season. He was recently picked 4th overall by the Pittsburg Pirates in the 2007 MLB draft. He should be an interesting person to follow as he makes his way to playing major league ball.

Matthew Vuckovich: Who is your agent?

Daniel Moskos: Mark Pieper with SFX baseball.

Matthew Vuckovich: Do you have a separate marketing agent? Who is he/she?

Daniel Moskos: Not as of right now.

Matthew Vuckovich: When you were searching for an agent, what factors did you consider?

Daniel Moskos: I didn’t really search; I have had the same guy since high school. When I chose him I kind of just met with him and got a good feel for who he was. He is a really good guy so it made the decision easy for me.

Matthew Vuckovich: Did your family have a big impact on your decision in choosing an agent?

Daniel Moskos: Yes they did. They have a big impact in a lot of the decisions I make in my career.

Matthew Vuckovich: Was having a personal relationship with your agent a factor in choosing him?

Daniel Moskos: Yes it was a big factor.

Matthew Vuckovich: Why did you decide to hire your agent?

Daniel Moskos: He was the best fit for the job, good guy, and good at what he does.

Matthew Vuckovich: How often do you talk with your agent? How often do you see him/her in person?

Daniel Moskos: I talk to him probably 3-4 times a week and see him about once every month or so, maybe a little longer than that.

Matthew Vuckovich: What factors would entice you to choose a smaller agency or independent agent over a full–service agency?

Daniel Moskos: I have no idea; it wasn’t about the services that influenced my decision.

Matthew Vuckovich: What are some of the things your agent does for you that you like?

Daniel Moskos: He’s there to give me advice and to answer questions for me. Also, all of the advice he gives has been in my best interest, not his.

Matthew Vuckovich: What are some of the most important factors athletes in general look for in an agent?

Daniel Moskos: Find someone who has your best interest in mind.

Matthew Vuckovich: What sorts of things did your agent do to help with your draft stock?

Daniel Moskos: I don’t know, I never asked him if he did anything.

Matthew Vuckovich: Since most people have no idea what it’s like to be a draft pick in a professional sport, please tell our readers how it felt and what was going on in your mind.

Daniel Moskos: Well, when I actually got selected, I had no idea that the Pirates were going to pick me. I assumed at that high of a pick, that somebody from the organization would have called me and told me I was getting selected. Thus it came as a huge shock, my job just dropped and I couldn’t really believe it. I thought it was a dream. My mom immediately started crying. It was really a surreal feeling.

Matthew Vuckovich: Take me through your pre-draft preparation schedule. Workouts, contact with your agent, and the various events you attended.

Daniel Moskos: There were no events, or workouts. Our season was still going on, so that’s what I was doing.

Matthew Vuckovich: What was the most memorable moment for you at Clemson and what will you miss the most about college?

Daniel Moskos: The most memorable moment for me was going to Omaha and pitching in Omaha. For a college baseball player, it is truly the best place on earth, and I wish that everybody had a chance to experience it because it is truly amazing out there. The thing I will miss the most is being part of a team. The guys that I have played with have all been like brothers and all that your team in college cares about is winning. From what I have heard, the same is not true of pro ball. It’s a lot more what you can do for yourself oriented.

Matthew Vuckovich: If you could sum up your game in 3 words, what would they be?

Daniel Moskos: I’ll have to use five, “combination of power and finesse.”

Matthew Vuckovich: On behalf of and all of our readers, I would like to thank Daniel Moskos for sharing his knowledge and experiences with us today. Till next time, be safe and act ethically in the business that you love.

By Darren Heitner

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FYI: Clemson did NOT make the college world series this season. They lost in the Super Regionals to Mississippi State.

Great stuff the interviews with athletes and agents are certainly two of my favorite pieces from this website.

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