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The Name Game: Audience Participation Required

Do ever get that feeling that an athlete should be promoting a product or service? Either the product’s name reminds you of the athlete or vice-versa? Maybe it’s just me and my sports business mindset.

Anyway, I want to hear if anyone else thinks that there are products or services that are just screaming to be endorsed by a specific athlete based on their name, I’ll throw a few examples out there so you know what I’m talking about:

Roger Federer – Federal Express: I thought this was already a deal, but a look at Roger’s sponsors shows this is not the case. He is dubbed the ‘Fed Express’ so why not make this a reality.

Kobe Bryant – Kobe Beef: More a product than a company per se, but nevertheless Kobe’s worldwide popularity could become a face for this gourmet Japanese export.

Vijay Singh – Singha Beer: Thailand’s top selling beer could benefit from the brand assocaiton with one of the most popular golfers in the world. A campaign using Vijay would be ideal to increase their market share is areas such as the United States.

Anybody have any ideas of an ideal product/athlete synergy?

– Chris Lesley

2 replies on “The Name Game: Audience Participation Required”

Some Yardbarker commenter suggestions (

Kerry Wood – Hot tubs (hurt himself falling out of a hot tub)

Jeff Kent – Car wash (hurt his hand washing his truck)

Milton Bradley – a board game obviously, if he finds a new team.

Curt Schilling – the Everquest video game series, or Tide stain remover.

Sammy Sosa – “How to speak english in just three weeks” audio tutorial cds.

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