Nightmare Clients of the Week

Nightmare Clients for the Week of July 8th-July 15th

 1. Miami Dolphins wide receiver Chris Chambers was arrested early Saturday on charges of driving while impaired and speeding. Chambers, 28, was arrested by Charlotte-Mecklenburg police around 2:30 a.m., several miles south of downtown, said police Capt. Lisa Goelz. He faces charges of driving while impaired, speeding, and reckless driving, she said [Dolphins wide receiver Chambers charged in N.C.]. He was later released on a $1,750 bond, according to Goelz. No other details were available. Chambers, Miami’s top receiver, began his NFL career with the Dolphins in 2001. He played in the Pro Bowl after the 2005 season.

2. Here’s a little twist…an agent, instead of a client, making this list! A federal judge sentenced U.S. sports agent Gustavo “Gus” Dominguez to five years in prison on Monday for smuggling potential Major League Baseball players out of Cuba. U.S [Agent sentenced to five years in prison for smuggling Cubans to USA]. District Judge K. Michael Moore ordered the prison term for Dominguez, the 48-year-old co-founder of California-based Total Sports International Inc. Dominguez, who has represented dozens of Cuban defectors and other major league players, was convicted in April of smuggling five prospects out of Cuba to the Florida Keys and then on to California, where he shopped them to potential teams. In addition to five years behind bars, the judge ordered Dominguez to serve three years probation and to pay a $2,100 fine.

3. Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Jared Allen might have three DUI arrests in the past four years, and he may be suspended for the first four games of the 2007 NFL season, but despite these circumstances, it appears he hasn’t lost his sense of humor. The Arrowhead Pride, a Kansas City Chiefs blog, reported (and verified with pictures) that a Chiefs fan was able to get Jared Allen to sign an autograph for him…on his own DUI citation! [Jared Allen has a great sense of humor]. The commish ain’t gonna be too happy about this one…

4. Lonny Baxter, a former University of Maryland basketball star (last seen averaging 6 minutes per game for the Charlotte Bobcats in the 05-06 season), who last year was sentenced to two months in jail for firing a weapon near the White House, was charged today with another firearms offense. Baxter, 28, of Rockville, used Federal Express to illegally mail three pistols and a Bushmaster rifle in the summer of 2006, according to a criminal information document filed in U.S. District Court in Greenbelt [Police Say Ex-Terrapin Baxter Illegally Mailed Guns]. The package was addressed to a College Park location, but the document does not say who it was addressed to and provides no further information about the shipment.

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As a UMD student it is sad to see things like Chris McCray suspended for bad grades, or the football team get in a bar fight. It’s just down right dumb and disappointing to see someone with as much potential as he showed to be firing guns in DC and illegally transporting them. I guess some people can’t shy away from their past though.

It’s indeed disappointing. I lived in the DC area for the majority of Baxter’s collegiate career and followed the Terps closely during that time (the teams that included Francis, Profit, Ekezie, Stokes, Morris, Dixon, Baxter, Wilcox, and Blake – some great teams during that era). It’s disappointing to see a kid with the kind of potential he had make so many boneheaded decisions over and over again. I guess that’s just the way it goes with some of these guys.

As a diehard Terps fan, it is embarrasing to see this happen. Obviously, Baxter has some deep-seated issues. I don’t feel bad for him personally, but it’s just a shame that a player who was a star on the National Championship team could self-destruct like this. When his NBA career fizzled out, it seems as though he just lost it. I’m sure most terps fans will now avoid his name when they talk about the great terps teams and players over the years.

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