Interview With The Athlete

Interview With The Athlete: Josh Wilson

Interview With The Athlete

By Matthew Vuckovich

Josh Wilson is a 20-year-old professional baseball player. He is a right handed pitcher in the St. Louis Cardinals organization (Josh Wilson Player Profile). Josh is coming off of labrum surgery and is ready to make an impact in the organization again. There was a recent article written by a reporter from You can view the interview here (JOSH WILSON: ALMOST BACK). I hope everyone keeps track of his progress as his journey to the major leagues begins once again.

Matthew Vuckovich: Who is your agent?

Josh Wilson: Scott Casanover, MAC Sports and Entertainment (

Matthew Vuckovich: Do you have a separate marketing agent? Who is he/she?

Josh Wilson: No, I do not have a separate Marketing Agent

Matthew Vuckovich: When you were searching for an agent, what factors did you consider?

Josh Wilson: When I was searching for an agent, I wanted someone that would work hard for me and had a great track record of success.

Matthew Vuckovich: Did your family have a big impact on your decision in choosing an agent?

Josh Wilson: Yes, my family played a big part in my search for an agent. Scott flew all the way down to Tyler, Texas from St. Louis to meet my family. I told my family “if he just shows up, he’s already one step ahead of my last agent.”

Matthew Vuckovich: Was having a personal relationship with your agent a factor in choosing him?

Josh Wilson: I think of Scott as more of a friend than an agent. He does a great job as an agent, but what sets him a part from everyone else is his ability to develop relationships with his clients.

Matthew Vuckovich: Why did you decide to hire your agent?

Josh Wilson: I hired Scott because he really impressed me with his initial sales pitch and I got a good vibe from him. He has had success at everything he has done and he knows what he is doing. I didn’t just want someone that would call me only once a month and ask “how’s baseball?” I wanted an agent that would call and say “how’s your family doing?” It’s all about character.

Matthew Vuckovich: How often do you talk with your agent? How often do you see him/her in person?

Josh Wilson: I talk to Scott probably 5 times throughout the week and I’ll see him about 5 times within a baseball season.

Matthew Vuckovich: What factors would entice you to choose a smaller agency or independent agent over a full-service agency?

Josh Wilson: With a large agency you might not speak to the person who is supposed to “represent you.” Instead, it will be with someone different every time. A friend of mine has been represented by the Scott Boras Company for the past two years and he has never met Scott Boras.

Matthew Vuckovich: What are some of the things your agent does for you that you like?

Josh Wilson: When I had my shoulder surgery, Scott and his wife were nice enough to take me into their home and take care of me for 3 days post-surgery. His wife was pregnant with their first child and they still showed great hospitality.

Matthew Vuckovich: What sorts of things did your agent do to help with your draft stock?

Josh Wilson: When I got drafted, I was being represented by Franklin, Frye, and McCann. I have nothing good to say about FFM.

Matthew Vuckovich: Since most people have no idea what it’s like to be a draft pick in a professional sport, please tell our readers how it felt and what was going on in your mind.

Josh Wilson: When I was drafted, it felt like all the hard work I’ve put in has finally paid off. There I was, a skinny little 18 year old kid, about to move halfway across the country to pursue a lifetime dream. And the dream was finally within a reaching distance.

Matthew Vuckovich: Take me through your pre-draft preparation schedule. Workouts, contact with your agent, and the various events you attended.

Josh Wilson: A few days before the draft, a few of the teams would have their scout call me and ask “what’s it going to take to sign you? How much money will it take to sign you?” One wrong response could put your draft stock in jeopardy. Before the draft I spent several hours on the phone talking with teams’ Sports Psychologists, doing pre-draft interviews, filling out questionnaires, and talking to scouts.

Matthew Vuckovich: What was the most memorable moment for you in your career?

Josh Wilson: My most memorable moment in my career was being the 70th overall pick in the 2005 draft.

Matthew Vuckovich: If you could sum up your game in 3 words, what would they be?

Josh Wilson: “Get healthy again.”

Matthew Vuckovich: On behalf of and all of our readers, I would like to thank Josh Wilson for sharing his knowledge and experiences with us today. Till next time, be safe and act ethically in the business that you love.

By Darren Heitner

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