It’s Tourney Time Baby!

It is about time that we get rid of this BCS junk and implement the much desired playoff system, or at least the plus 1 game. This season is proof that the days of the same 10 teams ruling college football may be over.

We have seen 2 number 1 ranked teams lose, the number 1 and 2 ranked teams lose in the same week for the first time in 11 years, every ranked team on upset alert week in and week out, and 11 of the BCS top 25 started the season unranked.

If the season ended today, the National title game would be Boston College vs. Ohio State and Florida, USC, Texas, Michigan, and West Virginia would be completely out of the BCS bowl picture (Editor’s Note: Actually, Florida would be tied for the SEC East lead and would get a shot at the SEC title…they have not yet played South Carolina or

The BCS bowl committee certainly can not be happy with the lack of prestigious programs at the top of the standings. These standings will certainly change throughout the season, but don’t expect to see the normal crowd of college football’s best at the top.

I am a huge fan of throwing out the present bowl formation and adding a 6 or 8 team playoff. It would eliminate the talk of who belongs in the national championship game and add a lot more excitement to every BCS game, whether you are a fan of the school or not.

-Paul Schackman

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I actually think Mark May and Kirk Herbstreit have it right when they say forget the playoff, just do an “and 1” type of thing if need be after the bowls.

Playoffs would have the unintended consequence of making the regular season matter less, which is actually the most appealing part of college football versus the pros, the fact that every game practically is do or die.

Also, with playoffs you’d lose the water cooler aspect and controversy surrounding the whole BCS standings bit. I’m of the opinion that if you lost that aspect of controversy and banter, college football would be worse off rather than better off.

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