The Wash Up

The Wash Up 22nd-28th October 2007

Here’s some stories you may have missed over the week…

– The Indian Cricket League is starting to gather some steam, with several Australian players joining the Twenty20 tournament. [Australian stars sign with IPL] With big name international stars secured, the rest of the formation should be relatively easy.

– Fox Sports ran a great article on free-agency in the NHL. After some number crunching, they came up with the players who were the most valuable free agents. [Crunching free-agent values] Judging by the stats, it seems that higher salaries don’t always buy you points, with Jeremy Roenick inflicting the most damage.

– Lachlan Murdoch’s new Indian talent agency Percept Talent Management (PTM) has signed it’s first non-indian athlete: Australian cricketer Michael Clarke. [Aussie cricket star joins Murdoch agency] This is a very interesting move by Michael. The Aussie market is fairly competitive when it comes to cricketers and obviously Michael sees his prospects in regards to endorsements greater in India.

– It seems like every week there is one of these reports, but has released a list of the 25 highest earning athletes. [The World’s Top-Earning Athletes] No surprise Tiger Woods is at the top of the list.

A-Rod has decided to leave the Yankees! Where to now? Discuss.

– Chris Lesley