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Schackman’s 2008 NFL Mock Draft

With the playoffs out of the way and the Super Bowl 2 weeks away it gives us some time to look towards the draft. Here is mock draft 1 of 3. Also be sure to look for my Faces in New places articles predicting where the biggest free agents will be playing next season.

  1. Miami Dolphins-Glenn Dorsey (DT- LSU)

While I do not think he fits into Parcell’s 3-4 scheme. Dorsey is the best defensive player in this draft. His motor and athleticism will allow him to play both DE and DT.

  1. St. Louis Rams-Chris Long (DE-Virginia)

Long would be a great compliment to Leornard Little on the other side. He would dramatically improve the Rams front 7. Jake Long is also an option here.

  1. Atlanta Falcons*-Matt Ryan (QB- Boston College)

The Atlanta Falcons are in complete disarray, they have no Qb, and more importantly as of now, no head coach. Matt Ryan is a big, smart, pure pocket passer who can be the leader of this team for years.

  1. Oakland Raiders*-Darren McFadden (RB- Arkansas)

The Raiders can also take Jake Long here, but I just can’t see Al Davis passing on a dynamic runner like McFadden. The Raiders need playmakers and McFadden could be 08’s version of Adrian Peterson.

  1. Kansas City Cheifs*-Jake Long (OT- Michigan)

The Chiefs were once known for a powerful running game and dominant offensive-line. Not so much these days. Long will fill the huge void left when Willie Roaf retired. Long is a dominant left tackle who will instantly upgrade their offensive line.

  1. New York Jets– Vernon Gholston (DE- Ohio St.)

He has great size and speed to play both end and outside linebacker for the Jets. The Jets sorely missed that get to the quarterback type of player and Gholston should be able to step in right away.

  1. New England Patriots (from SF)- Mike Jenkins (CB-South Florida)

Jenkins is the best cover-corner in this draft, and with the possibility of Asante Samuel leaving this off-season, adding a player of Jenkins caliber may be a good idea. Don’t rule out the Patriots trading this pick.

  1. Baltimore Ravens-Andre Woodson (QB- Kentucky)

This is the guy assuming they do not get Donovan McNabb. Woodson is big, athletic and would be the guy to open up this anemic offense. If they do get McNabb, they may look at wide receiver here.

  1. Cincinnati Bengals– Sedrick Ellis (DT- USC)

Ellis was a beast this season. He constantly demanded double teams and he has that athleticism and motor you love in defensive lineman. The Bengals defense is miserable and he would be a perfect fit here.

  1. New Orleans Saints-Keith Rivers (LB- USC)

Last year they almost took A.J Hawk at number 2. This year, if Rivers is still available they will have a tough time passing up on another athletic linebacker. The linebacking corp is decent, and Rivers would step right into a starting position.

  1. Buffalo Bills-Limas Sweed (WR- Texas)

While Sweed may not be graded out as the best receiver, he is the ideal fit for the Bills. They already have homerun threats in Parrish and Evens, and Sweed would give them that tall, physical receiver they lack.

  1. Denver Broncos- Kenny Phillips (S-Miami)

Denver’s defense was well-below average. While linebacker may be the bigger need position the Broncos will also look for someone to step in when John Lynch retires. Phillips is an athletic, ball-hawking safety who would be a nice replacement to Lynch. Clady may be another option here.

  1. Carolina Panthers-Ryan Clady (OT- Boise. St)

It is not every off-season where you see a team with both starting offensive tackles set to be free agents. Jordan Gross and Travelle Wharton are both free agents this off-season and there is a good chance the Panthers say goodbye to Wharton to say hello to Clady. Defensive end is also an option here.

  1. Chicago Bears-Brian Brohm (QB- Louisville)

This is going to be a trickle down effect pick. If the Bears get McNabb, Brohm will obviously not be the guy. To add to that, if the Ravens get McNabb, Andre Woodson will be the Bears guy.

  1. Detroit Lions- Jeff Otah (OT- Pitt)

Otah could be considered a bit raw only playing at the Division 1 level for 2 years, but his upside is tremendous. The Lions have a handful of offensive weapons but no offensive line to protect the quarterback. At 6’6 and 340 pounds Otah could be the dominating stalwart left tackle the Lions desperately need.

  1. Arizona Cardinals- Aqib Talib (CB- Kansas)

Talib is an athletic cover corner with good speed and instincts. It would also allow the Cardinals to move Antrel Rolle to safety, something that has been discussed for a while now.

  1. Minnesota Vikings- Derrick Harvey

The Vikings boast one of the best defenses in the league, but they just cant seem to generate any kind of pass rush. Eramus James and Kenechi Udeze are not the answer at the defensive end position. Harvey has all the intangibles to turn into a fine pass rusher.

  1. Houston Texans-Sam Baker (OT- Pitt)

Since their inception into the league, they have constantly had one of the worst offensive lines. Baker isn’t the strongest or most physical guy out there, but is a very good pass blocker, something the Texans sorely lack. With the health of Ahmed Green being an issue, running back may also be an option.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles- DeSean Jackson (WR- Cal)

The Eagles sorely lack a homerun hitter. Westbrook is the only playmaker on their offense and they must address this issue. Jackson is a deep threat with great speed and agility. He is also a huge upgrade in their return game.

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Malcolm Kelly (WR- Oklahoma)

Joey Galloway is nearing the end of his fabulous career and it is time to look for playmakers to step in. Kelly is the best receiver remaining on the board, and a big play receiver who can help stretch the field. Offensive tackle is also an option here.

  1. Washington Redskins- Calais Campbell (DE- Miami)

Campbell is a monster at DE: 6’8 280 pounds, his size makes him the ideal end in a 3-4, but the the Redskins would love to have him opposite Andre Carter.

  1. Dallas Cowboys (from Browns)-Felix Jones (RB- Arkansas)

Jones may be graded out a little lower than both Mendenhall and Jonathan Stewart, but Jerry Jones’ ties with Arkansas run deep. Both Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer were Arkansas men, which will give Jones the edge. Receiver is also an option here.

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers-Gosder Cherilus (OT- Boston College)

With Max Starks and Alan Fanaca set to become free agents, the Steelers will be coming into this draft looking to take the best offensive lineman available. Cherilus has great size and experience and would be a good value pick here at 23.

  1. Tennessee Titans- Early Doucet (WR- LSU)

Wide Receiver is certainly the position the Titans will be targeting here at 24.

  1. Seattle Seahawks-Jonathan Stewart (RB- Oregon)

With Alexander looking like a shell of his former self, it is time for the Seahawks to look towards the future. Medicore Morris is not the answer. Stewart is the best back remaining on the board and a very safe pick.

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars-Mario Manningham (WR- Michigan)

With Jacksonville’s defense in tact it is once again time to look at the offense and once again time to look at wide receiver. I think it’s fair to say Matt Jones is a bust, and Wilford and Williams are decent at best. Mannington is the surest thing remaining on the board and possesses more consistancy and big play ability than Doucet.

  1. San Francisco 49ers(from Ind)-James Hardy (WR- Indiana)

With Mike Martz coming to town it would be safe to say they will be looking for an offensive weapon. Hardy has terrific size, athleticism and is a big play receiver the 49ers desperately need.

  1. Dallas Cowboys-Leodis McKelvin (DB- Troy)

The Cowboys need to find an answer for their nickel back. The country saw the Giants pick apart Jacques Reeves. McKelvin is the best CB remaining and has the ideal size and speed to take over the nickel position next season.

  1. San Diego Chargers-Kentwan Balmer (DE/DT- North Carolina)

The Chargers don’t have many holes or needs on their team, so they will be looking for the best player for their scheme. Balmer has the ideal size and athleticism to play the end position in their 3-4 defense. He can also move inside if need be.

  1. Green Bay Packers– Antoine Cason (CB- Arizona)

The Packers will look to add depth to their secondary and Cason is the best guy on the board here. Cason isn’t the fastest guy out there but has good combination of size and instincts. Linebacker may be another option here. If so, Ali Highsmith is the guy.

  1. New York Giants-Dan Connor (LB- Penn State)

Connor would be a great fit for this defense and could be the replacement for soon to be free agent Kawika Mitchell. The Giants need to add depth and Connor is a physical, smart backer with a ton of experience

32. New England Patriots– Forfeited

16 replies on “Schackman’s 2008 NFL Mock Draft”

I can guarantee you that Jerry Angelo will not be picking a quarterback with the Bears first choice. My guess is they take a lineman or trade down, accumulate picks and still take an OL.

While I cannot guarantee anything I agree with Zoner that the Bears will not take a QB at this spot. It sounds funny because their QB’s have been terrible but they have a more pressing issue at O-line. I also think that the Vikings will pick a WR at their spot instead of a defensive end. They certainly need an end but it seems that they are pretty high on Brian Robison, and Ray Edwards will be back next year to take over for Erasmus James. With the emergence of Sydney Rice it seems that taking a WR to line up opposite of him might be the better option. All in all great stuff Paul.

I do agree with you somewhat drew. They could certainly use a WR opposite Rice, I just dont know how much they would like to use a first round pick on one. Williamson thus far is a huge disappointment, though I wouldnt be surprise if they did take Jackson

this is a great article one of the best taht i have seen in a long time i hope to see more of your work soon

Cason isn’t the fastest guy out there?? What are you talking about? He was only on the U of A track team that was top 8 in nationals! Do your homework. Granted he wasn’t the top 4 on the team but he was on the team regardless. Old 40yd times aren’t everything. I bet he runs a around the 4.42 – 4.48 range and jumps in the top 20. Cason is going to be a good one.

As for the “Boys” taking Jones before Stewart, I doubt it… But also hope your right. If my hawks can get the home town boy i’d be extatic!

I am always fine with criticism that is kinda my gig here. But to say I didn’t do my homework that is very outlandish. When I say Cason isnt the fastest guy out there I mean he is not in the top 3 or 4 fastest corners in the draft. His last 40 he was clocked in the 4.5 range, so I’m curious why you think he will a low 4.4.

But like I said I’m open to any criticism you may have but I am gonna have to stand behind my opinion on this one.

I think you did a good job with this mock draft Paul forget the haters. Going back to the Vikings don’t you think it is about time that they forget the Troy experiment and move on. I’m sure they will be worried about taking a WR in the first round based on his performance but I would imagine they would be just as worried about taking a defensive end based on the performances of James and Udeze so far. I feel that they have more depth at d-end and will at least be able to rotate guys around to mask the lack of sacks from James and Udeze. At WR there isn’t much outside of Rice.

You are right I can’t argue that thinking at all. To me it is a flip of a coin pick. Jackson is a has world class speed, he is one of those guys that can turn a 5 yard slant into a 70 yard touchdown. I think both positions are need positions for the Vikings it’s just a matter of who they think has a bigger upside Jackson, Kelly or Harvey.

I’d be surprised if Williamson is even on the team next year.

Word is we’re looking hard at Berrian as a free agent? I’d be happy with one of the WRs here, but honestly a pass rusher would benefit us more, imo.

Why do you still think McNabb might be traded? All indications are that he is staying put, at least this year. I think the Eagles might be willing to trade him, but they would demand a lofty price in terms of draft picks. That rules out the Bears, because they place a lot of value on their picks.

Speaking of Chicago, I know it’s fashionable to rip on the QB situation there, but the fact of the matter is they’re not far off from competing for the NFC title again. There isn’t a QB in this draft that is capable of making an immediate impact on this team so I don’t see them wasting another 1st round pick on one, especially Woodson (who, by the way, is projected as a 2nd or 3rd rounder by Mel Kiper). What the Bears really need is help on their aging offensive line. Without improvement there it won’t matter who’s taking the snaps, or handoffs for that matter. I’d be surprised if the Bears didn’t use a first-rounder on OL, specifically OT. After that, they’ll probably look to QB in the 2nd or 3rd.

Anything is better than Rex? You’ve gotta be kidding me. Would you rather have the unstoppable tandem that was David Carr and Vinny Testaverde this year? Or perhaps you prefer Alex “Girly Hands” Smith. Rex throws the deep ball as well as anyone in the league, save the superstars (Brady, Manning, etc.) And that is where Berrian makes his money. He doesn’t block down field on running plays, and don’t even think about him cracking back on someone. Berrian won’t be in a Chicago uniform next year, but that has more to do with him thinking he’s a top 10 WR and deserves to be paid like one more than the QB situation.

Seriously? You think Tarvaris Jackson is better than Rex?

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