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Dolphins On The Clock

One thing that’s definitely not lacking these days is an availability of mock drafts. Our own Paul Schackman has done a wonderful job on this site breaking things down throughout the weeks, but if that’s not enough for you, a quick search on Google reveals databases of literally hundreds of other drafts.

chris long

Schackman last had the Dolphins selecting Chris Long (pictured) out of Virginia. But how many mock drafts have you seen that predict that the Miami Dolphins will (should) in fact pass on the first pick? That’s precisely what editor and frequent Sporting News contributor Mike Florio would like to see happen. Writes Florio:

“The controversy and curiosity arising from a team intentionally passing on its pick would alert more and more people to the problem [of guaranteed money]. Hopefully, it would prompt the players to focus on the fact that kids who never have taken a snap in the NFL are getting obscene windfalls…”

Florio feels that the guaranteed money spent on top draft picks not only hurts teams who are ironically in the most need of help from a salary cap standpoint, but that in turn the money shelled out on such unproven commodities also affects “the guys who have given years of sweat, blood and cartilage to the game.” The NFLPA needs to do something about the situation, he writes, and [Dolphins’ executive VP of football operations] Bill Parcells passing on the first pick would be the perfect catalyst. This would also come at a time when the NFL and the union seem destined for a work stoppage in 2011. Owners are upset and feel that they got fleeced by union head Gene Upshaw during the 2006 CBA negotiations and would like a greater share of total football revenue. Last week I blogged about how Upshaw’s tactics have lead to NFL players taking home a bigger share of revenue than players from any other sport. But the terms of that deal may ultimately backfire on the union if the owners feel a need for payback. Not to mention the fact that the owners are now weary of Upshaw and “talks” thus far have been quite superficial.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins are on the clock.

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As a lifelong Fins fan, I would love to see the organization trade away its first pick if it is able to be reimbursed fairly. That’s the main point. We cannot just trade away the pick for a sub-par deal.

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