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BDA Sandwiched With Mayo?

MayoHonestly, the day I leave for a ten day trip to Israel, this happens? Anyone who knows me well, understands that I hate white foods (vanilla not included). I am not a fan of sour cream, despise cottage cheese, and refuse to intake any mayonnaise. I never had anything against one type of mayo, O.J. Mayo, and I still am not sure that he should take the major blame in what has occurred. I’ll let you make up your own mind in deciding who is in the wrong in this situation.

Immediately, we know that BDA Sports and Calvin Andrews will be hurt by what has transpired. Mayo has dropped BDA and is currently in the process of looking for new representation. Early word is that the finalists for winning the job of representing Mayo are Leon Rose and Andy Miller. It should only be a matter of time until we find out who will win the battle, with the NBA Draft quickly approaching. If Worldwide Wes is involved, then my prediction is that Leon Rose is the more likely suitor to win.

But what about BDA, Bill Duffy, and Calvin Andrews? The NBPA recently suggested that it will start to enforce some of its regulations. If it is found that BDA and/or Calvin Andrews acting in his role as an employee of BDA knowingly/recklessly/negligently supplied funds to a runner/handler who then passed them onto Mayo, the BDA employees and the company may be at risk of a penalty. That penalty may come in the form of a monetary fine or even a temporary suspension from representing clients.

At the end of 2005, NFL agent David Dunn was suspended by the NFLPA for eighteen months for trying to steal clients from his former partner, Leigh Steinberg. The NBPA may need to take similar action if it truly wishes to rid itself of an issue that drastically needs to be approached. In fact, the state of California may have a suit ready against BDA based on its Miller-Ayala Act (regulatory legislation in Cali instead of the UAAA). In the wake of the recent interview with David Falk, discussing the price it costs an agent to approach a player, the NBA is in a dire need to reverse its negative image. Corruption seems to be running rampant in a league that already has a tough burden of proving its value and strength based on lower-than-desired ratings and a thug mentality stereotype. Is it too much of a stretch to think that Lon Babby Bill Duffy, Calvin Andrews, and/or BDA may be suspended by the NBPA or receive a heavy penalty from the state of California if found to have indirectly contributed money to an NCAA student athlete?

I can only imagine what the ongoing investigations into this controversy must look like. I will let that settle itself out and not predict its outcome. One thing we know is that top legal counsel for the NBPA who appears to have acted as an attorney for BDA in the past, Gary Hall, will not have any part in sorting this all out. But what about O.J.? It seems like his draft stock will not be hurt. If he is anything like what Michael Wilbon describes him as, then this story really shouldn’t affect his value.

“He was the nicest, sweetest kid you could hope to meet. Said hello and then hugged me, even though he’d seen me call him a ‘punk’ on television. He was polite, engaging, answered every question with ‘Yes, sir’ or ‘No, sir.’ He said: ‘I would just love for you to spend some time with me, just talking. . . . Could I have your card and just be able to call or talk to you? I’ve got the pre-draft camp [in Chicago] coming up, a whole new world.'”

The fact that O.J. may have taken some money from a handler does not invalidate the fact that he displays strong character. And it definitely does not diminish his game in any way. So, Mr. Mayo, if you are still looking for an agent and have not yet limited your choices to Miller and Rose as suggested, then give me a call. I promise that you will not have to go through my non-existent secretary.

A Shabbat Shalom: Memorial Day Weekend Wrap-Up will be coming to you shortly. I still have a bunch of stories to get through.

By Darren Heitner

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