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It’s MLB Amateur Draft Day

MLB DraftI hope that you got a good sleep last night. It is time to get a solid morning workout in and then get your draft binders out and find a comfortable place on the couch where you can enjoy the early rounds of the MLB Amateur Draft on TV and follow the remaining 40+ rounds on your trusty laptop. Team Dynasty had an hour-and-a-half conference call last night which included myself, Frank Zaino (Director of the Baseball Division), and Dynasty’s summer interns. We have a strong game-plan for the draft, and all of us are very excited for the event to begin. As a company, we decided to throw the interns into the fire and give them a large role in shaping Dynasty’s 2008 MLB Draft class. Let’s see how it turns out.

While you are watching the draft, you may be interested in following where Scott Boras clients get picked. By the way, I am still waiting for a call back from Boras Corp concerning this story. Here is part of the list of Boras Corp players that you can check off as they get picked in a new game that the entire family can enjoy.:

Pedro Alvarez, Gerrit Cole, Allan Dykstra, Jordan Danks, Jon Gaston, Alex Meyer, Brett Mooneyham, Nick Maronde, Jeremy Bleich, and some guy named Eric Hosmer, who could be the first player taken overall. My hometown newspaper put out a nice column on Hosmer’s development.

Anyway, I will be ridiculously busy from now until a couple of days after the draft, but I will do my best to check in to the site and update it as much as possible. Enjoy the draft.

By Darren Heitner

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8 replies on “It’s MLB Amateur Draft Day”

Well, its been 2 weeks since the draft. I think post people are interested to see how the D-Nasty draft worked out for them. Most guys execept the top 2 rounds have signed by now even if its not yet posted on various websites. For a 4 hour meeting to take place, somebody from D-Nasty must have signed by now.
Any updates Darren?


darren i dont think wally was trying to insult you calm down, he was just saying that most guys who are important have signed and other agents make it known who they are representing. he is curious which guys you are advising and how high they were drafted thats all

Yea, I was just assuming after a 4 hr meeting that Dynasty had some high profile clients or interesting players in the draft.

Has anybody had their players signed and sitting around with their team while the contract is approved by the Commissioners office? Seems like a big lag time this year betwee the signing of the contract and the contract being approved so the kid can play.


Yo Darren Babe – didn t i just see a recent post from Wally a few minutes that has been taken down??? He was bringin up some good points I thought… so seriously what is the deal how many guys did u have in the draft? and what was the 4 1/2 hour meeting for? There are only a handful of guys left who are unsigned. Are any of them yours? Did you even have any clients? AND BRING BACK THE WALL MAN!

Sorry, but the “Wall Man” is not coming back. And I assume you are a man, so calling me babe is a little odd. We are still in discussions with a few players. Needless to say, our baseball division is growing and our clients are happy. That is all I care about.

Since the deadline is today could you update us on your signings. By tomorrow if you have clients that are juniors they have to go back to school. Senior signs are pretty easy and done back in june and they really don t even need an agent anyway. I am just trying to understand how the business works. Thanks Darren, and we use “Babe” as a term of enderearment from where Im from. And Yes I am a MAN to answer you, a great great man.

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