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Leatherman Gets MySpace, More Strikeouts

Dan LeathermanIn an effort to build Dan Leatherman’s online presence as he makes his way to the majors, Dynasty has put together his Official MySpace Page.  Go ahead and add him as a friend.

Also, check out a recent piece on Dan that was written in the Maryland Gazette [Pros pass over plentiful local talent pool].  Here is a quick snippet:

In his college career and his first year as a pro, Leatherman was averaging 88 to 90 miles per hour, occasionally brushing up against 91. But this year, he’s rolling in 90-92 mph on a regular basis. On his last outing, he reached 93, a lifetime first for him.

He’s also dropped some weight for his new team. After reporting at 220 pounds, they asked him to slim down five pounds. Leatherman hit that goal, dropping down to 213 on his 6 foot 2 inch frame.

Now with the Suns, Leatherman said that it’s a lot less stressful for his wife and kids. He gets a regular showing of friends and family at home games, and is looking at a promising future.

A promising future, indeed.  Last night, Leatherman was placed on the mound for 2.1 more innings, striking out 3 and giving up 0 earned runs.  His ERA is down to a team-leading 1.62.

By Darren Heitner

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6 replies on “Leatherman Gets MySpace, More Strikeouts”

Hmmm, I seem to recall you writing something similar about the pros passing on him, and you ended up getting ripped for it.

both of you, i dont recall anyone hating or ripping darren for his comments. he said pro scouts were stupid for letting his client go and people said it was very unprofessional and there were probably reasons he got cut that he didnt know about. its nice to see his client is suceeding at the A level but that article never “penned: anything saying he is a superstar. it talked about his progress and said he is basically doing better than dudes who were drafted, thats it. anybody who follows baseball knows that the A level is not very high up, you still have to go through A+,AA,AAA which are completely different levels from independent ball and A. i think it is still too early to start judging the twins organization as making a mistake. if he continues to rise up through the rankings then i will agree darrens statement is credible. but its possible the twins saw leatherman as nothing more than an A ball pitcher and theres no point in keeping someone like that around who wont make it to the majors because the organization does not make money off of A ball “stars” A ball is knownt o be the level where college hitters are getting used to wodden bats and generally dont produce their best numbers thats why some pitchers have a hard time adjusting to the higher levels. i hope this makes sense maybe someone who follows baseball and actually knows the business can explain better

in terms of sports marketing, have you noticed myspace to play any special role in getting dan deals? has your view of getting clients profiles on networking sites helped in marketing them and getting their names out to the loyal fans?


Great question. Surprisingly, Dan’s MySpace page has in fact generated quite a response from potential sponsors. We believe that as he makes his way up the ranks, his brand will only increase in stature. At the least, it cannot hurt.

thanks for the response Darren. I think there might be a problem with the blog because when I posted my comment yesterday its like it disappeared and then re-appeared this morning. I dont know if its only happeneng to me but you might want to look into it to see if other people are experiencing the same problem

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