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Illustration of Carl Crawford

Carl Crawford Illustration by Alvin Fall A few months ago, I signed sports artist Alvin Fall as my second client.  While I always aspired to be a sports agent, owning AccessAthletes has taken me in a much different direction.  I can honestly say that I never expected to represent sports artists, but I am grateful for the opportunity to do so.  It has been a very rewarding, yet challenging experience working in this niche area of the sports industry.

I have some great news to share early in the game.  The Tampa Bay Rays had expressed interest in Alvin’s work recently.  For weeks, I had been going back and forth corresponding with multiple people in the organization.  Finally, I received word that Carl Crawford had checked out Alvin’s work and liked it, and the Rays had plans to use it.

I am excited to announce that the Rays will use signed prints of Alvin’s original 22″ x 30″ illustration of Carl Crawford, featured at the top of this article, as raffle items for their season ticket holders.  Additionally, I arranged for Alvin to meet Carl Crawford at Tropicana Field in July.  We were told that Carl would sign the original illustration.

The original is a mixed medium piece, with a combination of colored pencil, watercolor, and acrylic.  The illustration presents Crawford batting with a sunburst from the new logo in the background.  Alvin is one of the first artists to capture a Rays’ player in the new team uniform.

It was music to my ears to hear that I made Alvin’s day after I told him the news.  As a sports attorney, I have learned that representation comes down to building good relationships, no matter if it involves an artist, athlete, or musician.  Even though the work can become tedious at times, I really enjoy the personal side of representation.  It was a great feeling to celebrate this milestone with Alvin.  We are heading in the right direction and I hope to establish Alvin as a premier sports artist in the near future.

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