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Royce Parran just finished up his first professional basketball season with the IBL Gary Steelheads.  He is a 5’9 stud who blew up the league, earning MVP honors in its All-Star game.  He is currently trying to make an NBA roster and has his material being looked at by a handful of organizations.  Royce was interviewed last week by the same radio show that I was on: 1230 AM WJOB out of Chicago, Illinois.  The show is also known as The Region Buzz Sports Show.

Some interesting information revealed by Parran includes the fact that he is lactose intolerant (in jest, he claims that it may be the reason that he is able to dunk) and is a former tap dancer but can still throw it down on the dance floor.  The hosts of the show note that Parran is a Chicago kid, tough, great smile, full of energy, spark plug, it’s all positive.  Sounds like the type of guy that would fit right into Dynasty.  More about that in the near future!

Check out Royce Parran’s interview along with my own interview (occurs in the last segment of the .mp3) by clicking here.

And tune in this Thursday for a repeat appearance by yours truly, streaming live at 7 p.m. EST by going to:

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Is this Royce da 5’9″? Mad props, when I hooped at UW-Milwaukee, I’ve seen this guy ball. He has skills. But on the serious tip, did you really send stuff to NBA teams about him? what are your goals and what do you think is realistic (summer league? non-guaranteed contract? training camp invite? D-league tryout?) how would you get him to a team overseas? what is the process for this? how can you represent players if you are not a certified NBA agent? how much does it cost to stay certified? how much money can an agent make on an IBL contract? why is everybody that is a legit athlete called a stud? Thanks.

Actually there has been quite a bit of information sent to several NBA teams (Among others) that have shown an interest in Royce for all of the obvious reasons. One of the most important reasons for having opportunities prsented to an individual come from having someone that will take the time and effort to promote them. There are a number of talented individuals that for one reaosn or another never seem to have that right situation develop.
Derren has taken that roll even though the financial rewards are not the driving force. When you assist someone that person and others affected by it want to know how it happened and why it happened. With those types of succeses other opportunities begin to present themselves. In this case there is a talented young man that deserves a shot and if given one may become one of those success stories.
I have watched Royce continue his development as a player and as a person and if this continues he may be able to take his diminutive size and continue what he has been doing for quite some time…….which is over achieve at every level.

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